How to make a paste for a cake at home - video recipes at home

When you first see a cake decorated with mastic, it is difficult to imagine what it is. Mastic - is uniform in composition binder and adhesive. The consistency of the paste is similar to clay, only the edible clay. From it you can sculpt any figure or roll out a thin sheet, in order to fully cover the cake.

Jewelery made with mastic, not only beautiful, but also edible, as for the preparation of this material are used only natural products and food dyes. Recipes for several mastics. Mastic prepared for each of these recipes can be used in different ways - from one substance is most convenient to sculpt figurines, and more easier to roll into a thin layer, and cover the cake.

The basis of each mastic - powdered sugar or sugar and marshmallows, but the rest of the components are different. There are honey, gelatin, milk, marzipan, and flower industry. Of all these recipes for home cooking available, only the last.

Sugar mastic Prescription to Alexander Seleznyova . Watch the video! ..

As the name implies, Honey paste is prepared with the addition of honey. In this way, it is soft and flexible, it is easy to mold from the various details and figures. This sealant does not disintegrate or crumble. The basis gelatin is a mastic gelatin. This mass is called pastillage. Due to the addition of gelatin, this sealant sets quickly in the air, which makes it ideal for making small parts, such as stamens and petals of a flower.

Mastic is cooked with the addition of Condensed milk called breast. Dairy mass is most often used to cover the base (of the cake). Also because it is possible to mold small and simple figures.

To cover the basics of using marzipan mastic. It has a soft consistency that allows it to roll out a thin layer. But the mold parts or make inscriptions from it will not work, as it contains crushed almond.

Flower mastic intended for the manufacture of thin and intricate parts, for example, flowers and leaves. fine details carved out of it look very natural and do not lose their shape.

Mastic of marshmallow


powdered sugar

Chewing marshmallow (also known as marshmallow)

2 tbsp. tablespoons water

a few drops of lemon juice

How to make a paste of marshmallow:

  1. Place the marshmallows with water and lemon juice for 30-40 seconds in a microwave oven. Be careful - during the melting marshmallow swells, so keep an eye on the process.
  2. Once the marshmallows melted, remove it from the oven and start mikrovonovoy add powdered sugar carefully while vymeshivaya.
  3. Powder should be added in small portions, so as not to pour too much. When the mass is sufficiently thick, continue to knead her hands, still add the powder. As a result, the mass should be consistency, like soft clay.

Dairy mastic


condensed and powdered milk in equal shares

powdered sugar

lemon juice

How to prepare milk paste:

First, mixed powder and powdered milk, and condensed milk is then gradually added. Weight thoroughly kneaded until, until it becomes like a soft clay.

Any paste after cooking should be wrapped in plastic wrap and remove 30-40 minutes in the refrigerator. Then you can use it. Mastic is stored in the freezer up to 3 months.