How to decorate a cake? - video recipes at home

How to decorate a cake? - video recipes at home
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How to decorate a cake? - video recipes at home

A beautiful cake - it is not necessarily expensive, long and difficult. The main thing - to be willing to bake a delicious cake and come up to him the original decoration. Then the cooking process turn into a pleasant pastime.

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It's great to bake a homemade cake, and then the whole family to feast on this yummy, washed down with warm, fragrant tea. Today in the shops a rich selection of cakes. But a good housewife is still trying to bake for the holiday home. After all, sometimes the quality, taste and beauty of homemade cakes is far superior to shoplifting delights.

When baking a cake took longer than expected to get his decoration of time is not left, then get help from all sorts of fresh fruits and berries, colored confectionery confetti or plentiful chocolate chips. And you can immediately apply a few ingredients. For example, the finished cake, smear cream is cut with a knife into small, neat portioned pieces, each piece is decorated differently: the first - fresh berries, the second - Grenade loose and "pinch" of confetti, the third - abundantly sprinkled with small chips of white and dark chocolate and so on. If time permits, and there is a desire to surprise guests - you can decorate the cake yourself prepared mastic and marzipan icing or homemade. Mastic and marzipan consistency similar and all sorts of figures, flowers and bows, you can create from that, and from the other. But there are small nuances. Typically, the mastic is prepared on gelatin or marshmallows. Mastic from gelatin easier to sculpt flowers and decorations than the mastic to zefirkah. Last - softer and more housewives used to cover cakes.

How to decorate a cake? - video recipes at home

Marzipan is prepared on the basis of frayed almonds. Most often it is used for modeling of different small animals and fairy tale characters, as well as colors. Even made of marzipan candy. But I must say the marzipan more "capricious" to use than mastic. As for the icing, then this protein-sugar mass sculpt "lacy" bulk products for the decoration of confectionery masterpieces. Working with icing is difficult and it is mainly used by professional confectioners.

But the most popular, delicious and simple to prepare decoration for the cake was and still is a thick custard protein-based. He made all kinds of painted decoration, as well as beautiful bouquets of cream. If you just follow the recipe preparation, the cream will turn precisely the consistency, which is ideal to keep the shape decorations for the cake.

The recipe protein custard

It should be:

Article 7. tablespoons water

240 g sugar

3 egg whites

vanilla package

pinch citric acid

How to prepare:

  1. First you need to cook the sugar syrup. For this sugar is filled with water and boiled at moderate heat with continuous stirring to form bubbles.
  2. In the finished syrup is filled with citric acid.
  3. Further, in a separate bowl need egg whites whipped into a thick foam, and then, without stopping the process of beating must hot syrup pour trickle - almost dropwise - a protein mass and whisk until thick and the air mass which will be held at an inverted spoon .
  4. The cream is ready!

Enjoy your meal!