How to make a sweet inscription on a birthday cake

Methods inscription

An original way to make a beautiful inscription on the cake - to print the desired phrase on the computer. In this case, the letters should match the size of the cake. Then you put a sheet to a new file, and on top of the file to put the inscription of the protein or oil cream and put together with a file in the freezer. When the label hardens, you just need to move it on the cake.

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The easiest way to the inscription on the cake - use special nutritional markers, confectionery gels or jellies. A tube of gel, equipped with a special hole with a thin, allows you to make fine elegant lettering. If there is a need to do on the cake ornate lettering, for example, in the Greek style, just need to look for similar fonts on the Internet and to use a method using a file.

How to make a sweet inscription on a birthday cake

More about the inscription on the cake, you can use the special confectionary stencil. Then you do not have to worry that the letters are obtained curves and different sizes. Stencil fit and to make an inscription from the chocolate crumb. Make it easy, and looks like this inscription volume and very impressive. Not less beautiful inscription on the cake obtained with berries, fruits, candied fruits and nuts. What looks festive cake, signed colored confectionery beads or confetti. Title of liquid chocolate "ink" prepared from cocoa powder and cream - a popular way to sign the cake.

And of course some confectionery procedure can dispense with the use of putty. To do this, you need to prepare a soft and elastic paste, then cut it into thin flagella and use them to "collect" the desired phrase. In this case, the mastic can be colored using food coloring. Similarly, you can apply and marzipan.

Useful rules of

Before you sign the cake must be to consider the very phrase - what words to write, what to use and where to place material sign. Do not use long words. And the phrase itself should be as short and concise.

Distribute the inscription is best in the middle or on the left edge of cake to certainly have enough space and last letters are not filled up to the edges. And it is better to make a toothpick previously imperceptible outline to the inscription turned out neat, and the distance between the letters - the same. It is not recommended to use in the signing of birthday cakes preposition "on" - this is a mandatory wording of the mourning process. Spelling mistakes are unacceptable. The inscription on the cake has to be sure to contrast relative to its fundamentals. Otherwise its just no one notices. Do not make the writing on themselves decorated cake - it will curve and no confusing. And it is very important for the design of the cake first, to make an inscription, and only then place the rest of the decorations.