How to make a cream rose cake

How to decorate cream cake

Decorate cakes - it's an art.

Login and go to paste, and various creams and edible figurines. One of the most popular and delicious foods are considered the cream for the topping.

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Decorate a cake can rosettes of cream oil.

Oil cream roses


250 g butter

a few spoonfuls of condensed milk

How to prepare butter cream:

Grind butter and beat until smooth it. Then add the sweetened condensed milk, bringing oil to a thick consistency. Cream roses is almost ready, it remains to send it in the refrigerator for about 1 hour.

How to make roses

  1. Now you need to make a mold, which can apply cream. For forms, use the biscuit. It should be crushed and mixed with a small amount of condensed milk.
  2. You will get the dough from which is not difficult to build a small cone. Ready cream oil transfer to a special bag and gently squeeze out a circular motion to the cones, starting from the middle.
  3. You must be produced rose petals, you can immediately arrange on the cake. This option is considered to be the simplest and most popular. Roses make beautiful and very popular with children.

The most delicious cake can be done quickly! Learn from distinguished confectioner Oleg Ilyin.

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protein Custard cream roses


4 eggs

200 g of sugar

100 ml water

How to cook the protein cream:

  1. In a small container, pour sugar, fill it with water and put on fire. Sugar syrup should be brought to a boil and simmer.
  2. In order to understand whether or not the mixture is ready, take a teaspoon of the syrup and refrigerate it in a glass of cold water. When a lump is cool, try to roll the ball from him.
  3. If the ball does not run when flattening, so the mixture is ready. The following is clear from the shell eggs, separated proteins, and send to the refrigerator after cooling to whip until thick foam.
  4. Ready syrup stream add to the proteins and also thoroughly whisk. You should get a homogeneous mass of white. Once the cream has cooled, it can be used for other purposes.

How to make a multicolored roses:

  1. To the cake looked interesting, decorate it with different color roses. To do this, one part of the cone filled with the white cream, and the other - pink.
  2. Thus, squeezing the cream, you get a two-tone rose. two Kulka can be done in one place the white cream, in the second - the cream of any color of your choice.
  3. Do not be afraid to experiment. Try to draw using the cream not only rose, but also daisy. To do this, use a nozzle with an end cut-off obliquely.

Roses for the cake can also be made from the mastic.

Mastic for roses:


150 g of powdered sugar

150 g of milk powder

100g condensed milk

food dyes of different colors

How to cook the paste:

  1. in the icing sugar, add milk powder and food coloring. Without ceasing to interfere with the resulting mass, slowly add the condensed milk into it, until you see that the dough is sufficiently thickened.
  2. A bit of a cross between his cover film and send it to the refrigerator for an hour.

How to make roses from mastic:

  1. From this test, you can sculpt any figure, including roses. To do this, the base of the rose - a small stick of mastic, which should strengthen the petals.
  2. Sculpt rose petals can be exactly the same as for the modeling of the conventional test. Roll out thin pancakes and give them the desired shape.
  3. Ready petals must be secured tightly enough to the ground to flower well kept. This method is more suitable for those who have the habit of modeling clay.

That process was faster and more interesting, you can call for help of their children. Cake, decorated with beautiful flowers and delicious, always pleasing to the eye. In particular, he brings joy to children. Do not miss the opportunity to surprise your loved ones, possess the art of making the cake roses.