Light yogurt cream cake - video recipes at home

Light yogurt cream cake - video recipes at home
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One of the advantages of yogurt cream and cakes is its low calorie content. Air mixture can be used not only for the impregnation of cakes but also cook a dessert with berries or fruit. By its consistency cream yogurt differs from custard or sour cream options and more like a soufflé.

A simple recipe yoghurt cream


500 g of yoghurt

several art. tablespoons powdered sugar

1 glass of any juice

30 g of gelatin

300 g of cream

How to cook a simple yogurt cream:

  1. optional juice can be replaced with syrup or fruit drink. Butter cream is better to choose the fattest. From this mixture yoghurt consistency will depend.
  2. In a separate container, soak the gelatine. The liquid is not necessary to use the water, and pre-prepared juice.
  3. with taste of yoghurt and juice, you can choose to experiment or identical products. Wait ingredient swelling and remove the plate.
  4. In the cream, add powdered sugar. With the help of the mixer thoroughly whisk ingredients into a homogeneous mass.
  5. The cream thus should visually enlarge its scope and become more airy. Sweet creamy mixture connect with gelatin and mix again until complete dissolution of all ingredients.
  6. The final step is to add the main ingredient - yogurt.

The resulting cream can be used immediately after preparation. The mixture is used for lubrication of cakes, biscuits or decoration is poured into serving containers, and cooled in a refrigerator until a jelly consistency.

"Creme Brulee" Prescription Alexander Seleznev. See videoretsept! ..

thick yoghurt cream

If a little harder recipe yogurt cream, it is possible to obtain a mixture, whereby an interlayer between shortcakes will be broader.



5-6 Art. spoons of milk

30 g of gelatin

5 Art. spoons syrup or fruit drink

1 protein

1/2 h. Tablespoons of lemon juice

How to cook a thick yogurt cream:

  1. Gelatin pour fruit drink or syrup. After swelling bring the mixture to a hot state, but does not boil. If necessary, add a little water to gelatin.
  2. The finished mass cool down to room temperature. Note that pieces of gelatin in the preparation must be completely dissolved.
  3. Egg whites whip to form air consistency using the mixer. Add the milk and lemon juice.
  4. The ingredients are re-whisk. Then connect in one container yogurt, gelatin mass and whipped egg white.
  5. All the components of the mix with a spoon or an electric mixer, repeat the procedure.

Yoghurt cream, cooked to the recipe, quickly turns into a jelly. To layer between shortcakes get a wide, use a little secret. Foil make a ring. The width of the edge in this case must be at least 3 cm. Place the cake inside the ring. Top liberally lubricate the workpiece yogurt cream. Put a composition in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Thereafter, remove the ring and cover with a yoghurt mass Korzh other. Such a cake you can decorate with berries, fruit or other items at its discretion.