Recipe for a delicious marshmallow

Roast marshmallows with chocolate

You've probably seen a lot of movies that the characters in the campaigns fry

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Institute of Nutrition RAMS recommends marshmallows for use in schools and kindergartens. Not every confection awarded this honor. Zephyr - tasty and healthy treat. It contains carbohydrates increase alertness, improve fiber digestion.


canned pineapple - 1 jar

sugar - 300 g

cream 25% fat - 1 liter

gelatine - 40 g

Water - 400 mL

How to cook marshmallows

  1. Pour water gelatin. Pineapples cut into very small pieces or grind using a sieve or strainer. You must first drain the syrup. Beat the cream with the sugar using a mixer.
  2. The gelatin melt over medium heat, without boiling. Slightly cooled mass mix with crushed pineapple. To stir thoroughly. Connect puree obtained with whipped cream.
  3. Put the marshmallow into the prepared dish with parchment paper or into molds for cupcakes. 4 hours in the refrigerator. To marshmallows easily removed from the molds, they can be dipped in boiling water for a few seconds.
  4. For fruit marshmallow can also use peaches or other canned fruit.

Vanilla marshmallows


Water - 300 mL

sugar - 1 kg

gelatine - 25 g

citric acid - 10 g

vanilla sugar - 10 g

soda - 10 g

How to prepare a vanilla marshmallow:

  1. In the middle of a cool glass of water soak gelatin. To prepare pour sugar syrup in saucepan and pour the remaining water. Stir, wait until the sugar is saturated with water, bring to a minimum heat until boiling. Cook and stir 10 minutes.
  2. In the resulting syrup add gelatin and mix. Turned on for a minimum speed whipping mixer for 10 minutes. Add to a lot of citric acid and continue to whisk for about 5 minutes. You can use a whisk, in this case, the time whipping increase slightly. Enter soda and vanilla sugar. Whipping for uniform mixing for another 2 minutes. Writing the received weight for 10 minutes.
  3. On a cutting board, tray or large platter lay parchment paper. If no such paper can be used to moisten the dish or pan with water. Using a syringe or cooking spoon halves form a marshmallow. Put dish in a refrigerator for 4 hr. Do not use the freezer to speed up the process! In order to give the finished marshmallow piquancy, you can decorate it with chocolate, berry or fruit topping.
  4. To prepare the glaze to 4 parts of milk add 2 parts sugar and 1 part cocoa. Bring to a boil, cool, add a little butter. It is possible to replace a chocolate glaze tile previously melted in a water bath.

Zephyr can be used not only as a standalone dessert, but also decorate their cakes. If you cut the marshmallows into pieces and mixed with ice cream, fresh fruit or berries, you get a very tasty and original treat. A chocolate covered marshmallow air becomes literally a food of the gods ...