Recipes air souffle cake - video recipes at home

Cottage cheese souffle with mascarpone and candied

Nemudreny recipe with stunning results.

Recipes air souffle cake - video recipes at home

Inna Antokhina

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Air soufflé chocolate


1 packet of vanilla sugar

200 ml whipping cream

150 g of chocolate

300 grams of curd

1 h. Spoon gelatin

1 tbsp. Spoon chocolate liquor

0, 4 cups powdered sugar

How to cook chocolate soufflé:

  1. You first need to melt the chocolate in a water bath. After that, added to it pre-mashed cottage cheese, powdered sugar and vanilla sugar. Mass thoroughly mixed and whipped with an electric mixer.
  2. whipped cream in a separate container. Gelatin to pour hot water and wait for it to swell. He then poured into chocolate-cottage cheese, which should be added to chocolate liquor and whipped cream.
  3. The resulting mixture is stirred. Soufflé cake is ready!

Fruit souffle


250 g of cream, 30% fat

500 g peaches

0, 5 ml of yoghurt

20 g of gelatin

250 g of sugar

70 g pistachios

How to cook the fruit soufflé:

  1. First of all, you need to soak the gelatine in water until the swelling. Fresh peaches are peeled and crushed in a blender to form a puree. For added fruit gelatin, yogurt and 3 tablespoons sugar.
  2. cream and remaining sugar is required to beat until thick foam. Thereafter, peach puree and whipped cream are connected. The mixture is added pistachios to be grind.
  3. from fruit soufflé is ready!

souffle "Bird's milk"


200g condensed milk

20 g of gelatin

1/4 h. Spoons citric acid

150 g butter

1 cup of sugar

7 egg whites

How to cook a souffle "Bird's milk"

  1. gelatin to soak in cold water, where it will stay until it swell. It is approximately 30 minutes. Soaking need 0, 5 cups of water. Once swelled gelatin, is added to half of the volume of citric acid and half sugar.
  2. A mixture of the gelatin is heated, but not boiling, until the sugar and gelatin is completely dissolved. At the time when the mixture is heated, it is possible to mix the remaining citric acid and proteins.
  3. First, proteins whipped with citric acid at a mixer until until a good foam. In just a few times in a mixture of sugar is added. All whipped to form a viscous dough.
  4. Following poured the hot solution of gelatin, it is not recommended to stop beating during this process. Since proteins are processed by boiling water to prevent salmonellosis. Butter room temperature connected with condensed milk.
  5. Further, the mixture of proteins during whipping mixer gently injected condensed milk and butter. As a result, should get a very gentle-looking air mass, which will be instantly thicken.
  6. souffle "Bird's milk" cake is ready! It can bring to the table not only with the shortcakes in the form of cake, but also as a separate air dessert.