Beat butter cream correctly - video recipes at home

At the wrong homemade cream increased fat can turn into butter, and enough fat stores often stratified. The cream will never be lush and weight will be liquid if their fat content is less than 30%. When choosing you need to carefully read the label and ask in detail about these things. It is hard to beat with beginning to turn sour cream, and bought in the supermarket are always whipped in different ways depending on the manufacturer.

Sugar when whipping cream is better to replace sugar, so it does not require time for its dissolution and less likely to bring down the butter, working for too long. Powders for whipping cream requires only 50-80 grams per 500 ml. Whipped cream regardless of the manufacturer is not stored for a long time, and therefore added to them the churning of gelatin to give a cake decorated with the form. If churning the cream must be cold and dry and clean dishes, they are often even placed in a container with ice. Whisk whisk or electric mixer, it is not recommended to use a blender. You need to whip up quickly, to the consistency of soft peaks, which are well keep their shape, in time, it takes about 10 minutes. Once the form of the corolla became well repeat cream, you should stop in order not to get oil.

Gelatine for butter cream soaked in cold water, allow it to swell. The mixture is heated until dissolution is complete after 20-30 minutes on low heat, without boiling. Then gelatin is set aside, and yet stumble cream, it cools down a little. When whipping cream portions need to pour the icing sugar, then pour the gelatin in a thin stream. Once the cream holds its shape, whisking him ceased. For whipped cream cake of this cream biscuit promazyvayut immediately previously cool shortcakes, pattern is applied and removed in the refrigerator, if necessary. Used for unfolding cream pastry syringe or a special bag with nozzles. On the basis of milk and butter also can be whipped cream cake, the process is not so complicated. Milk requires boil and then cool to room temperature in a container of milk put 250 g butter 200 g icing sugar and vanilla sachet. Components whisk until smooth, pearly color which will, in time, it takes no more than 5 minutes. Cream can immediately promazyvat cakes for the cake, and can be stored, since this type of cream for a long time retains its structure.

Butter should be at room temperature, warmed and not frozen, the pressure-sensitive soft and of good quality, because otherwise when whipping cream exfoliate. For the same chocolate cream is added to the ingredients 1 tbsp. l. cocoa and knock similarly. Such whipping cream to require much more time, not less than 15 minutes. Instead of cocoa may be added to the cream melted chocolate.