Food and without rules: meat and barbecue - video recipes at home

Warm summer days - it's time for a barbecue! But how to cook and eat grilled meat properly and without risk to health?

From what meat is better to do barbecue?

Alex Kovalkov

dietitian, host of "Food and without rules", "family size"

In my opinion, it is best to make kebabs of lamb. Lamb - a traditional meat, it has come to us from the Caucasus, and that lamb is best suited for this method of cooking. mutton fat for a long time to digest in the stomach, 10-12 hours while maintaining a feeling of satiety. In addition, the energy of this meat very quickly transformed into the energy of the muscles. It is possible to lose weight using diet, including a lamb! Lamb - a very useful, well absorbed by the meat, a source of protein, B vitamins, valuable minerals and trace elements. Lamb usually attributed to the dietary products series.

are exposed to the beef?

Alex Kovalkov

dietitian, host of "Food and without rules", "family size"

Scientists have recently shown that beef meat contributes to the aging of the human body! The beef (especially in veal) contains a lot of substances which promote such diseases as gout - joint disease associated with otlodzheniem salts in the joints.

to to choose the meat right?

to need to cut meat?

What selected part on skewers?

What I look for when choosing meat?

How and when did this dish - a shish kebab?

What is the to use the marinade?

Why is not necessary to fry the meat with the onions?

In a bowl can not cook and store kebab?

to best barbecue?

The extent to which stands ready to bring the barbecue?

What are the side dishes used together with a kebab?

What are the wood is better to choose?

What is sauce to take the meat?

What kind of meat can be eaten with the blood?

How do I check fresh meat?

Why does not get involved in one kind of meat?

All questions are answered by a nutritionist Dr. Alex Kovalkov.