18 barbecue and picnic recipes - video recipes at home

How to cook barbecue?

Everyone knows the simple recipes for marinating pork or beef. And if you want to vary the usual menu, you will need more original recipes: skewers of quail with dried fruits, lamb dishes, marinated beef on Italian, Turkish kebab, grilled fish and skewers of giblets. Choose to your taste!

Skewer Beef Pickled beef Skapeche Fiorentina beef with beans Eat kebab, you will not be weak! Baked lamb ribs Skewers Chicken Alternative kebab: hot sea Lamb ribs marinated in plum sauce Salmon in maple syrup on the grill

Video recipes barbecue:

Skewer of quails with dates and nuts

Skewers from the giblets with pomegranate sauce

As a side dish to a shish kebab are best suited fresh vegetables and herbs. And besides them - are a few simple vegetable dishes:

salad zucchini Suburban potato salad with seeds Vegetable grill

Salad a la Caprese greek salad

And finally: how to deal with the remnants of a shish kebab? There are a couple of win-win recipe:

A delicious meat: muchkalitsa

Salad "Picnic" Jamie Oliver