10 recipes with tuna - video recipes at home

10 recipes with tuna - video recipes at home
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10 recipes with tuna - video recipes at home

Recipes of canned tuna: quick, tasty, useful, easy and very convenient!

Canned tuna - it is very convenient, tasty and healthy. With tuna can be cooked many dishes. But what exactly? Everyone knows salad with tuna. In fact, this option of salad can be a lot, as well as - with tuna sandwiches, pies nachinkoyiz tuna, tomatoes stuffed with tuna, egg and olives and the famous salad "Nice".

Recipes with tuna

Tuna salad can be easily turned into a simple and hearty meal for two: tuna salad .

The successful combination of flavors - tuna salad with slices of bread that are pre-dipped in an acute paste of chili peppers and garlic in olive oil: tuna salad with Harissa.

Tomato stuffed with tuna mayonnaise weight and onions - it's easy and delicious: Tomatoes stuffed with tuna. The original salad with tuna on the basis of the addition of asparagus, beans and anchovies: salad with tuna and asparagus.

Olives large comfortable filling stuff with avocado, tuna and spices: olives stuffed with tuna and avocado.

Traditional Italian petsept, to conquer the world: veal with tuna sauce "Vitello tonnato".

Spicy snack from Alexander Seleznev: eggs stuffed with tuna.

Universal recipe snack for any occasion. Prepare a roll for buffet or take a picnic: roll of pita bread with tuna and corn.

Empanadas - a famous Argentinean pies in which the filling put the most different products. For example, empanadas stuffed with tuna Argentine empanadas.

The recipe of the famous French delicacies in its democratic form of: Salad "Nice".