How to make beef chops juicy

How to make beef chops juicy
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succulence of meat - one of the most important criteria dishes. The best are the pieces of meat with a little fat layers, however, if the purchased product is lean, you can apply more traditional ways of giving it richness.

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Preparation of the baked or fried beef (pork and lamb are usually more fatty) requires certain cook art, because in the process the meat loses moisture, and a certain percentage of the result may be dryish. There are several techniques used by chefs to preserve juiciness any meat.

A large piece of lean meat before baking or roasting can be thin pieces of lard to fat or fat. For this to be done on the surface of the meat more flavorful cuts along the grain and put back fat. During cooking, it will give rastaplivatsya and beef juiciness and specific pleasant taste. Most often, this method is used in baking roast beef. For best effect is well watered formed fat meat broth 1 every 10-15 minutes during the entire baking. One of the most popular ways to make beef and any other meat juiciness - pickles. There are plenty of recipes for marinades for any meat dishes. To the meat was tender, you can use the fruits, rich in tannin: for example, the best marinades are made from kiwi, pomegranate (pomegranate juice), lemon and lime. Other citrus fruits can be used sour oranges.

Classic marinades are on the basis of alcoholic beverages, however, if a chicken and pork is more suitable beer, to beef is best to take a cheap red wine. The meat should be kept in the wine about 1 hour, and then can be fried or baked. Also known marinades based on dairy products (kefir, classic unsweetened yogurt) and Asian sauces. A mixture of soybean oil and oyster sauce in which the meat is maintained about 1-2 hours, gives not only beef juiciness, but also beautiful golden brown.

Herbs and spices also help make the meat juicy. Lean beef before cooking very well withstand a couple of hours in a mixture of peppers coarsely, a small pinch of chili, onions and garlic. Before cooking, dry lean best bit to recapture a hammer, to give fibers softness. To the meat juice does not flow in the cooking process, you can either use the breading (breadcrumbs, batter), or make a "sealed with" - very fast and hard to fry the meat until a solid crust on both sides on high heat, then lower it and cook the meat in normally. Crust will not skip the broth and, because of this, the meat remains juicy.

A good option to save the juiciness of meat can be considered in the preparation of the foil. Eye-catching in the process of cooking the broth evaporates, settling directly on the dish, so it does not need additional watering soup. Almost as the principle any meat cooking pot.