10 fashion products and their analogues - video recipes at home

Healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular every year. The cult of the body beautiful, regular exercise and proper diet are replaced by strict diet and fast food craze: now really fashionable to eat right. This trend came to us from the west brought a passion and superpoleznymi products for those who are watching their health and appearance. Internet and print media are full of fashionable names of vegetables, grains and seeds, of the existence and benefits of which many are unaware of: goji berries, quinoa, chia seeds, vitgrass Cale ... What is it and what they eat? We talk about the most fashionable products and their equivalents available.

Goji Berries

10 fashion products and their analogues - video recipes at home

About this popular product for weight loss and health promotion have not heard just lazy. Trendy goji berry, or "Lycium Barbarum" in narodenazyvayut "Wolfberry", but they are non-toxic and safe for humans. In the goji berries contain many nutrients: valuable amino acids, various vitamins, essential macro- and microelements, the greatest amount of antioxidants among the plants - and this is not a complete list of advantages of this product. It is believed that due to their properties of goji berries strengthen the immune system, detoxify the body and prolong youth. However, dried goji berries (and we can buy them only in this form) of useful properties not ustupayutyagodam growing in our band, especially if you eat them fresh or frozen.

What can replace: cranberries, black currants, sea buckthorn

Acai Berry

10 fashion products and their analogues - video recipes at home

acai berry, grown in South America, have always been in the diet of the inhabitants of the Amazon. Despite the heavy lifestyle, these people looked very good until old age, healthy and full of energy. In various studies it was found out that the secret of youth and longevity hiding in small black berries growing on tall palm trees. Following these observations acai steel export to other countries and selling disguised SuperFoods which strengthens immunity, has antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect, it protects against cardiovascular disease, gives energy, improves memory and even serves as a cancer prevention. Acai berries are really famous for containing huge amounts of minerals, vitamins, mineral acids and antioxidants, but their miraculous properties have not been confirmed by scientific research. Now Dried Acai berries are very popular in Russia, they are added to different dishes, used for preparation of cocktails and even cosmetics. What can replace: wild rose, barberry, chokeberry

Chia seeds

10 fashion products and their analogues - video recipes at home

Chia seeds or Salvia Spanish are widely used in Mexican cuisine. The last few years, they began to appear in Russian stores. These seeds are considered to be an excellent source of vegetable protein, fiber, unsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, as well as other nutrients. They are especially popular among vegetarians and dieters because they allow you to make up for the lack of essential elements in the body and provide a saturation effect. Chia added not only in food, but also a variety of cocktails: swelling, they satisfy hunger and, thereby, contribute to weight loss.

What can replace: flax seeds, sesame seeds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds


10 fashion products and their analogues - video recipes at home

Supporters of a healthy lifestyle with buckwheat and brown rice are gradually moving towards cinema. This psevdozernovaya culture also came to us from South America. It is considered to be very useful due to its high content of protein, fiber and amino acids. And the number of vitamins, phosphorus, iron and calcium can safely quinoa compete with dairy products and fish. Nutritionists recommend to include in the diet of this product for those who have heart problems, gastrointestinal tract, obesity and cholesterol. The taste is similar to quinoa raw rice, so it is often used in soups, side dishes and salads.

What can replace: millet, rice, barley groats, quinoa (cereals)


10 fashion products and their analogues - video recipes at home

This fashionable kale - the leader among green vegetables on the content of useful substances. Surprisingly, this is literally 100-200 g cabbage able to provide the daily requirement of vitamins A, C, K, as well as important minerals and trace elements. In addition, this product is a source of calcium, which is perfectly absorbed by the body, in contrast to the same dairy. In this case, low-calorie Cale: only 30 calories per 100 grams, which makes it particularly valuable for those who are dieting. This cabbage is added to salads and smoothies, stewed and even prepare useful nekaloriynyychipsy. What can replace: spinach, savoy cabbage, broccoli


10 fashion products and their analogues - video recipes at home

This cereal is a type of wheat. But from his "colleagues", it differs high in protein, valuable amino acids, vitamins, zinc and magnesium. As spelled in a balanced way contains all the nutrients necessary for normal life of a person, so it is considered to be particularly useful. This product is recommended to be included in the diet of people with excess weight, weakened immunity, chronic fatigue and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Spelled can be prepared not only porridge and side dishes, but delicious soups, casseroles and even desserts.

What can replace: oatmeal


10 fashion products and their analogues - video recipes at home

Vitgrass - a grass juice from wheat germ. This product is sold as a powder or frozen cubes, but it is possible to prepare yourself. For this purpose, germinated grains of wheat planted in the ground and waiting for the green shoots. When they reach a height of 10-15 cm, they are cut and make juice - this is vitgrass. It is believed that this drink is very useful because it has all the necessary elements of our body in its composition. How to assure producers of wheat grass juice effectively cleanses the body and improves the blood due to high content of chlorophyll. However, the benefits vitgrassa not been confirmed by clinical studies. And those who are not ready to grow up and use this product, you may want to stop at an intermediate option - wheat germ.

What can replace: wheat germ


10 fashion products and their analogues - video recipes at home

In addition to the quinoa, enjoys great popularity today bulgur. This rump is prepared from wheat. First, it is washed with boiling water, then dried and crushed to size. The obtained rump all useful components of the wheat grain, in particular vitamins of group B, E, K, and various trace elements. The most useful and valuable is considered unrefined whole grain bulgur brown. It is worth noting that when cooked bulgur does not fall apart and keeps its structure, but it is perfectly absorbed by the body and does not give the feeling of heaviness. What can replace: millet, couscous, rice

Green coffee

10 fashion products and their analogues - video recipes at home

This drink, prednaznachennyydlya slimming, brewed from the dried coffee beans, roasting is not exposed. The taste of it is very specific, and in appearance it is more like green tea. It is believed that green coffee helps to reduce weight, but it is unlikely to expect if you drink it, eating cake or a chocolate bar. It is recommended to drink before a meal to control appetite. However, it is a moot point, because any liquid, whether it be a glass of water or green tea, drunk before meals, the same effect.

What can replace: Green Tea

Cocoa Beans

10 fashion products and their analogues - video recipes at home

From these seeds make a lot of our favorite foods: cocoa butter, chocolate. But not so long ago, the cocoa beans themselves have become fashionable snacks, which you can eat with health benefits. They contain antioxidants and neurotransmitters. Deficiency of these substances in the body often leads to depression, chronic fatigue and neuroses. To solve these problems as Razi help cocoa: raw and moderate amounts they improve the nervous system and activates the production of pleasure hormones - endorphins and serotonin.

What can replace: bitter chocolate, coffee beans