How to cook buckwheat porridge for feeding - video recipes at home

The diet of a 6-month baby is already possible to introduce solid foods first. Pediatricians recommend gradually acquaint the child with vegetable puree and cereals. All components should be introduced gradually in the menu. One of the most useful and easily digestible food is buckwheat.

Buckwheat - a storehouse of vitamins and valuable minerals. It is particularly characterized by a high content of vitamins of group B. It contains water-soluble proteins, amino acids, most of which are irreplaceable. This means that the body can not synthesize them, but they must do it with food.

Buckwheat quite easy to digest. The use of it in food rarely causes allergic reactions. Despite this, parents need to closely monitor the emergence of various kinds of rashes on the body of the baby.

As a first feeding is not necessary to give the baby porridge cooked from several cereals at the same time. In the case of allergies, it will be difficult to determine what has caused such a reaction.

The digestive tract of babies is not adapted to digest roughage. That is why kids need to cook porridge on special technology.

How to cook buckwheat porridge for babies?

Before you cook it, you need to carefully go through buckwheat, sorting all the poor quality of grain, as well as impurities. Next, it is necessary to pour into a colander and rinse under running water. Wash it should be as long as the flowing water is not absolutely clear. Next cereals to grind in a coffee grinder or just pour it on a clean surface and crush the unground buckwheat using a rolling pin. Crushed buckwheat called slipped. In this form it is used to feed babies first year of life.

Ready slipped you can buy in the store, but selling it is quite rare. In addition, this cereal is quite difficult to wash, and it is considered less useful in comparison with their own chopped unground. In an industrial scale it is subjected to sieving, whereby a portion of the valuable substances are lost. Therefore it is better to grind cereals on their own.

For the first feeding cereal should be sufficiently liquid. For its preparation in a small bowl Pour 200 ml of water, put it on fire and add 2 h. L. I slipped. Once the water boils, you must boil porridge for 5-7 minutes over medium heat, stirring constantly. When the porridge is ready, you need to cool it and feed the baby with a spoon or pour it in a bottle with a nipple. Salt and sugar are added to the porridge is not necessary.

Starting solid foods should be a small amount of product. For the first time it takes only 1 hour. L. porridge. Gradually, the number should be increased. In the absence of allergic reactions after some time can be cooked cereal milk. In this case it is necessary to use all the same recipe of buckwheat, but water should be diluted milk in a ratio of 1: 1.