The most popular dishes of Turkish cuisine - video recipes at home

Keftezi in Izmir

Meat dishes were absolutely necessary

soldiers to make long transitions and participated in heavy fighting. Including the soldiers of Sultan Suleyman, who committed more than one successful campaign. Keftezi - a daily dish of minced meat. His wound into balls, patties or small oblong cutlets that are fried in olive oil and then quenched with plenty of vegetables and spices.

The most popular dishes of Turkish cuisine - video recipes at home

Inna Antokhina

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Appetizers - meze

A Russian man is hard to explain what a meze. It's a little much. The traditional Turkish Mesa necessarily include white cheese, meat balls, olives, acute pickled vegetables, olives, dolma (tiny stuffed in leaves of grapes), spicy pepper stuffed with nuts, fried mussels ...

In the local restaurants, the waiters offer visitors themselves determine the choice of meze, the diversity of which is necessarily either on a separate table, or is brought personally waiter. Make sure to try a cold salad of eggplant and goat cheese with honey melon.

Meat dishes

Contrary to the rather high prices for meat, in Turkey, this product is quite high demand. Where local chefs skillfully prepared dishes of poultry, lamb, veal, rabbit, beef.

In the first place in popularity among the meat dishes are to kebabs - kebabs. But this is not just a kebab, but a whole separate area for cooking, which is constantly being improved and expanded. Such abundance of species is hard to imagine even the discerning palate! Shish-kebab (meat cooked on skewers) tandyr kebab (baked in an oven meat), doner kebabs (fried carcass to greater trochanter, sliced ​​portioned slices) Adain kebab (minced lamb with herbs and hot peppers), patlydzhan -kebab (baked eggplant with meat). Only Keftiu can adequately compete with the multifaceted kebab. Keftiu - a traditional Turkish meatballs of lamb or chicken meat. Their shape can be very diverse, as well as methods of preparation - boiled, steam, fried or baked.

Turkish sweets

And what about without the famous Turkish dessert? Delicious Turkish Delight was born pastry chef of the court of the Sultan.

Once during tea Sultan broke a tooth on a hard nut candy and immediately demanded to invent him "soft candy". Pastry chef, as an experiment, mixed with water, sugar, starch, pink drops, tartar sauce, and the mixture was poured into a dish with almond shavings. After cooling, the reservoir was officially cut into small cubes, sprinkle with powdered sugar and simple filed governor. This stunning sweetness brought Sultan so excited that the descendants of the Ottomans still celebrate a sweet holiday Seker Bayram and taste the delicate Turkish delight, baklava, sherbet and halva.