Cooking real chanakhi - video recipes at home

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Azerbaijani cuisine dish - chanakhi - is stewed in a clay pot lamb with vegetables. A standard set of vegetables for this dish - potato, eggplant, tomatoes and onions, which are stacked in layers pot.

For the first time a dish appeared in the XVI century, when from America to Europe was imported potatoes. Chanakhi became popular in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and some other countries.

The traditional recipe calls chanakhi mutton. However, it can be used instead of beef or veal, chicken, turkey and rabbit meat. Dish is cooked in a cauldron or usually in a normal pan. But it is worth noting that the portioned clay pots chanakhi turns out delicious.

vats of beans

This rich dish features a large number of protein, because it will be useful to those who work a lot physically. Ready meals portioned for 4 pot. Ingredients:

300-400 g lamb

120 g of lard kurdjuchnogo

200-300 g of green beans

4 potatoes

one onion


2 sweet red pepper

4 tomatoes or 4 tbsp. tablespoons of tomato paste

spice "hop-suneli" (a quarter hours. tablespoons per pot)

herbs, garlic


How to prepare vats of beans:

  1. Despite the large number of ingredients, the cooking process chanakhi simple. Lamb meat cut into small cubes and bacon - small cubes.
  2. Peel the potatoes and chop into cubes, pepper - strips, eggplant - diced. Green beans, rinse with cool running water and divide into three parts. Onions finely chop.
  3. The prepared meat and vegetables in pots lay layers. First lay the bacon, then - meat, potatoes, eggplant and peppers. Top lay chopped tomatoes into slices with water or diluted tomato paste. Pots cover and leave in the oven for 40-60 minutes.
  4. When the dish is ready, remove the pots and put them on a plate, remove the lid, chanakhi sprinkle chopped herbs and garlic.
  5. A perfect complement to this dish with a glass of Georgian wine table.

vats of beans and mushrooms


mushrooms, white mushrooms, aspen or oyster

600 g pork

100 g fat

8 potatoes

cup of beans

1 eggplant

2 sweet peppers

4-5 tomatoes

spices, salt, herbs and garlic

How to prepare vats of fungi:

  1. In the evening you need to prepare beans - soak it in cold water.
  2. soaked beans boil until tender. Bacon cut into small cubes, and the meat - a little larger. Eggplant and potatoes chop sticks, pepper - julienne. Mushrooms wash, chop into strips and fry in a small amount of vegetable oil.
  3. Products Put pots in the layers: the bottom - fat, then - meat, beans, potatoes, mushrooms, eggplant and peppers. Do not forget to add salt and pepper. Lay sliced ​​tomatoes on top.
  4. The pots put in preheated 180 degrees oven for half an hour. Before serving, garnish with greens.