Eat kebab, you will not be weak! - video recipes at home

Eat kebab, you will not be weak! - video recipes at home
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Eat kebab, you will not be weak! - video recipes at home

Favorite snack of Alexander the Great, and other admirers of meat.

Turkish cuisine is unimaginable without Kebab - roasted meat on the coals!

The history of this snack goes far back in time: the first kebab prepared already in the II century BC. e. from the sacrificial lamb with honey and olive oil. Now it is made from all kinds of meat, fish, poultry and minced meat.

In Turkey, they like to tell the legend of how the Great Alexander the Great during his military campaign put thinly sliced ​​lamb on the cake, sprinkle with lentils, abundantly watered yogurt and offered to call liked his dish name. That's because there was a famous Iskender kebab which is still "fought on the felling of" all those who eat it.

In general, many varieties of kebabs. Shish kebab - it is well-known barbecue. Kebab - strung on a skewer "sausages" of minced meat.

But the most interesting story - with the so-called Donar Kebab. The fact is that several people consider it their ancestral dish and is called differently. In Greece - a "guros" in India and Pakistan - "kebab", the Arabs and many other peoples of the world - is "shawarma" or "shaverma". But I would not call this dish, and it is translated to all languages ​​equally - "rotating meat". In general, the recipe is quite simple: the pieces of meat or chicken is very tight strung on a vertical skewer and roast, turning slowly over the coals. Finished pieces are cut and wrapped in pita bread or cake. Next - business fancy chefs and desires of the client. The cake to the meat can add chopped vegetables, salad or just onion rings. And to top it all, this luxury abundantly watered sauce. It turns out so delicious that in Turkey on this subject even came up with the saying, "when you eat Donar Kebab, time stops."

Eat kebab, you will not be weak! - video recipes at home

Iskender kebab

It is necessary: ​​

300 g of beef

5 tomatoes

2 onions

5 cloves of garlic

1 large green pepper

Greens (any)

unsweetened yogurt

10 g butter

20 ml of olive oil

2 lozenges (can use pita)


How to prepare:

  1. A piece of meat to boil in salted water and cool
  2. Meat cut into thin strips and fry in olive oil. During frying the meat add finely chopped herbs.
  3. Sauce: finely-chopped onions, tomatoes, green pepper and garlic. Simmer vegetables in a skillet or baking dish. The vegetables can add a little broth (from cooking meat).
  4. It is also in a separate bowl mix the yogurt with salt and garlic and we get another delicious sauce.
  5. Lavash desirable to heat a few minutes in the oven (or microwave)
  6. Serving: with one side dish put sliced ​​and fried meat, on the other end put the pieces of pita bread (or small cakes). In the center of dishes spread vegetable sauce and sauce of yogurt and garlic.


Tekya kebab

by Afghan Khankishiyeva, chef of the restaurant Zafferano:

It is necessary: ​​

Young potatoes 2 pc.

Lamb rump 70 g

Cutting lamb 170 g

Red bow 20 g

Fresh herbs 25g

Sauce 30 g of plum

Sea salt 15 g

Black Pepper 5 g

Azerbaijan pita 1 pc.

How to prepare:

  1. and the rump Tenderloin cut into pieces of 3 cm, put on a skewer, salt and pepper. Roasted on the grill.
  2. to plant potatoes on a skewer and bake on the grill.
  3. On the hot plate to put the Azerbaijani pita, top - notch with the rump, close - potatoes. Separately serves homemade sauce of cherry plum and herbs.