National Hungarian cuisine - recipes. Features and Hungarian cuisine.

Hungarian cuisine has a great variety of dishes of pork, beef, veal, poultry, mutton is used less. Fish dishes are not very popular. But vegetable dishes of eggplant and sweet peppers, onions and cabbage (kohlrabi, white and colored), tomatoes are well represented. Very popular in the Hungarian national cuisine snacks, like fresh and pickled vegetables, as well as, flour products. Pickled vegetables in Hungarian cuisine is very often complementary side dishes to meat and fish dishes.

National Hungarian cuisine - recipes. Features and Hungarian cuisine.

From the first dishes in Hungary are popular broths and filling soups. Hungarian cuisine is characterized for goulash (as a soup or as a second meat dish), pörkölt that somewhat resemble chakhokhbili, paprikash, tokan, egg barley. When cooking bacon used (clarified, salted and smoked). Therefore, dishes are quite fatty. A large number of used onions and paprika. Many soups, meat and fish dishes are seasoned with sour cream and cream. Sauces, in most cases, are prepared with a dish. Most often it is a cream sauce. Saute flour for sauces and soups in Hungarian cuisine is prepared rare. It is replaced with a mixture of flour and sour cream. Meat and fish are prepared, mainly in kind: fried or stewed in a sauce. Recipes that use ground meat - less popular, and not at all prepared from ground cutlet mass.

In Hungarian cuisine wide range of confectionery and sweet dishes of various fruits (except jelly). Of hot drinks often used black coffee, tea with lemon, tea effervescent cold.

Try to cook, especially following the cooking and delicious Hungarian cuisine will bring variety to your menu.

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