Recipe: Dish of crab meat

Recipe: Dish of crab meat
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Recipe: Dish of crab meat

Crab meat - is a dietary product, rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. From it is prepared a variety of salads, appetizers, filling for tartlets, pies and cakes.

Crab patties with carrots and zucchini

Some of the most delicious crab burgers, tender and juicy. Crabmeat crabsticks can be replaced if desired. This dish does not require special preparation, but in originality he can not refuse.

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Crab, grilled

Crab meat turns fragrant and delicious, if you bake it on the grill with sauce.

Page Ingredients:

1 crab

1 tbsp. spoon of vinegar 9%

0, 5, Art. spoons of sugar

2 tbsp. tablespoons olive oil

1 tbsp. grated ginger root

pinch of ground red pepper

2 sprigs cilantro

1 tomato

2 garlic cloves

How to cook the crab grilled:

  1. You must first prepare the sauce. To do this, grind with a blender tomato, garlic and cilantro. Connect the mixture with butter, ginger, sugar, vinegar and pepper.
  2. The next step - the crab processing, it is necessary to wash and to reveal his shell, then carefully remove the intestines and gills, and claws and feet pierced with a sharp knife.
  3. treated so the crab must be well lubricated sauce and place on hot grill. After 10 minutes, the crab should flip and cook the same. Serve the finished dish must be hot.

Pie crab meat

Of crab meat you can cook excellent cake.


400 g of the crab meat

1 layer of finished puff pastry

1 h. Tablespoon butter

3 eggs

200 g of cream

150 g cheese

How to cook the crab cake:

  1. Crab meat clear of chitin streaks and gently fry in butter. Put the puff pastry into a mold, slightly pricked and place it chilled crab.
  2. Whisk the sour cream with the eggs and pour this mixture of cake, sprinkle with grated cheese. Bake for 30 minutes the product at 200 ° C, feed, decorating parsley.

Cucumber salad with crabs

Good crab meat combined with vegetables and herbs, so it is a component of various salads. For example, a simple and easy salad with cucumbers.


2 hours. Tablespoons of lemon juice

2 tbsp. tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

2 tbsp. tablespoons olive oil

3-4 sprigs fresh parsley

1 large cucumber

250 g frozen crabmeat

How to prepare a salad with cucumbers kraovy:

  1. Crab meat should be thawed, cook for 5 minutes in boiling water, cool and cut it into thin strips, just to be sliced ​​cucumber.
  2. Both components must be mixed in a bowl and sprinkle with a mixture of lemon juice, vinegar, oil, salt and pepper to taste. Ready salad desirable to leave for 30 minutes, then put in a salad bowl and decorate parsley.

Salad of crab meat, corn and beans


200 g of canned crab meat

100 g of canned corn

100 green beans

1 bell pepper

2 tomatoes

2-3 sprigs of dill

salt to taste

0, 5 h. Tablespoons of lemon juice

How to prepare a salad of crab with corn:

  1. From canned crab Drain, chop the meat into small cubes. Tomatoes cut into thin slices, bell pepper strips.
  2. green beans cut into small pieces and fry in vegetable oil. Connect one cup of corn, meat, tomatoes, peppers and beans, salad with salt to taste and pour the lemon juice.
  3. Transfer the finished dish in a salad bowl and garnish with sprigs of fresh dill.