Fragrant soup with mushrooms: 2 original recipe

Cheese soup with mushrooms

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Lightweight, extremely tasty and hearty mushroom cheese soup help out if you need to cook something original, but the time for culinary explorations absolutely no.

It should:

1-2 liters of water;

300 g mushrooms;

1 piece of carrot;

1 pc bulbs;


350 g of potato;

1 processed cheese;

salt, spices - to taste;

50 g of sunflower oil.


  1. Pour into a pan of water and put it on fire.
  2. Wash, clean the potatoes, cut into cubes. Enter chopped potatoes in boiling water and cook over medium heat.
  3. Prepare the mushrooms. Clean and wash the vegetables. Slice the mushrooms slices, grate the carrots, onion finely chop. The sunflower oil sauté grated carrot and onion bulb.
  4. When the vegetables are slightly browned, enclose them mushrooms and approximately 2-3 minutes, continue to fry over low heat.
  5. Set aside a little of the mixture of mushrooms for food processing. Either individually fry a couple of mushrooms.
  6. Move fried mushroom mixture into the pan in which potatoes are ready. At this stage, try to taste the first dish, season with salt, pepper and put the rest of the spices.
  7. Then release the film syrochek and cut its large cubes.
  8. Put shredded cheese into the soup, boil roughly about 5 minutes.
  9. Soup cheese is ready, but still need to pyurirovat. On top pour the soup in a food processor and grind the contents of the container.
  10. Soup serve hot. Use as a decoration dishes, fried mushrooms and finely chopped basil or other herbs.

The recipe of mushroom soup from Alexander Seleznev see in the story:

Soup Cream of mushroom cognac

Fragrant soup with mushrooms: 2 original recipe


Fragrant soup with exquisite taste will please fans of mushrooms surprisingly successful combination products. Unique dish - like a taste of summer, it will certainly charge of optimism and good mood.

It should be:

500 g mushrooms;

300 mL chicken broth;

50 g of olive oil;

50 ml of cream (fat content 10%);

50 g shallots;

sprig of rosemary;

3 sprigs thyme;

50 g of green onion feathers;

25 ml of brandy. Recipe:

  1. Disassemble the mushrooms on the cap and stem. Stipe crumble into small pieces. Then, the Gulf of chicken broth, simmer for one hour. Chop the mushroom caps into cubes. Heat the oil in a skillet and saute until transparent shallots, then enclose him shredded mushroom caps.
  2. Season with salt and pepper and place puchochkom spicy herbs. Reduce the flame to a minimum and simmer until the liquid evaporated. From time to time to shake the pan so that they do not stick. Sauté mushrooms until golden brown.
  3. After that, remove the grass from the pan. Add the fire flame and carefully pour brandy. Continue cooking, stirring occasionally until the mixture while not significantly reduced in volume and begins to darken around the edges.
  4. Next, connect the fungal mass broth, fungi and chop blender until a homogeneous puree.
  5. Apply a ready soup with chopped green onions and cream.