Tasty and fast salads with chips

Dip of smoked salmon and chips from tortillas

A thick creamy sauce with slices of smoked

salmon and crispy chips of cheese cake - the perfect company! This appetizer is sure to become a hit at your holiday table.

Tasty and fast salads with chips

Vladislav Spout

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Salads of chips takes little time and does not require any special ingredients. All the necessary products, you can easily find the nearest store or supermarket. Consider some possible options of salad chips.

Potato dishes according to original recipes from the chef. Watch the video!

salad with corn chips and crab sticks


coli crab - 100 g

potato chips - 100 g

Canned corn - 200 g

Mayonnaise - 3 tbsp. spoons

How to prepare a salad with corn chips:

  1. To begin chips crumble as finely as possible in a closed container. Crab sticks can be cut into slices or strips, no difference in principle.
  2. In the deep and wide bowl, combine chips, crab sticks, corn and pour mayonnaise. On top of lettuce can be decorated with squash caviar mayonnaise and chips on the edges of the plates.

Layered salad with chips and sprats


sprats - one bank

potatoes - 500 g

onion - 150 g

four eggs

Cheese - 200 g


How to prepare layered salad with chips:

  1. First, finely chop the onion. Potatoes, carrots, cheese and eggs grate, preferably, on a coarse grater. Sprats, cut into pieces. Salad will consist of six layers: potatoes, carrots, onions, sprats, eggs, grated cheese.
  2. Each layer need to mayonnaise. Top salad garnish mashed potato chips, and make the rest of the decoration.

chips salad with mushrooms


boiled eggs - 3 pcs

mushroom, boiled or pickled - 250 g

cheese - 200 g

How to prepare a salad of potato chips with mushrooms:

  1. On a coarse grater grate proteins boiled eggs and put them first layer. Second layer - chopped boiled mushrooms (any suitable, be guided in its taste).
  2. It is advisable to use fresh mushrooms. If you do not have fresh mushrooms, you can use pickled. To grind them sliced ​​with a knife or scroll through a meat grinder with a large grille.
  3. The third layer is put grated hard cheese. On the fourth layer will boiled egg yolks grated on a fine grater. After all the layers you have laid, garnish with salad or chips to taste olives.

Salad with chips in the form of a bird's nest


quail eggs (5-7 eggs)

boiled chicken (200-300 g)

your style ham (200 g)

cheese (200 g)

a large stack of chips

How to prepare a salad with chips in the form of a bird's nest:

  1. Boiled eggs, meat, ham and cheese cut into strips. Mix the eggs in a deep bowl, half the grated cheese, cooked meat and ham, and season it all with mayonnaise.
  2. In the snack plates put chips. They lay the salad in a bird's nest (you can put a slide and make a hole in the middle, crushing with a spoon).
  3. in to get the nest lay the chips as they would pave the slot. On the chips, place two peeled quail eggs. Needless to nest on top, sprinkle with grated cheese. Garnish with caviar or salad greens.

As you can see, there are many options for salads, which can be made from the chips. These salads are made very quickly (about thirty minutes) and get very tasty. Good appetite!