Recipes for salads with ham and cucumber

Salad with cucumber, ham and cheese


3 small cucumber

1 egg

350 g of ham

cheese varieties

How to prepare a salad of cucumber, ham and cheese

  1. Cucumbers cut into strips, boiled and cooled down egg is cleaned and milled. Ham must be cleaned from the film and also cut into strips.
  2. The cheese rubbed on a medium grater or cut into cubes. Shift all the ingredients in a bowl, season with mayonnaise to taste, salt and mix well.

Salad with cucumber, ham and chicken


250 g of chicken

3 medium carrots

2 medium onions

3-4 cucumber

250 g of ham

vegetable oil, mayonnaise or ketchup, salt

How to prepare a salad with cucumbers, ham and chicken:

  1. fillet boiled in advance, that it has had time to cool down. Raw carrots washed, cleaned and cut into thin slices or rubbed on a coarse grater.
  2. thin half-rings sliced ​​onions and carrots, along with spread on a hot frying pan with sunflower oil, obzharivaya until golden brown, then leave to cool.
  3. Small cucumber washed and cut into thin strips. Such as thin strips of sliced ​​ham and fillet the cooled chicken cut into slices or small cubes.
  4. All the components are placed in a bowl, season to taste with mayonnaise and ketchup, salt is added and stirred.

Vegetable salad with ham and cucumber

Ingredients: 250 g of red and white cabbage

15-20 ml lemon juice

2 pickles

150 g of ham

an Apple




50 g salted cheese

sunflower or olive oil


How to cook vegetable salad with ham and cucumber:

  1. You will need to chop and grind with salt cabbage, add to the lemon juice and leave to infuse.
  2. During this time, you want to cut into strips medium-sized pickles and ham, which was previously necessary to clean the film.
  3. The medium sized sour apple clean peel and grate. Small carrots previously boiled for half an hour, then allowed to cool, clean and cut thin circles.
  4. small cubes cut half of a large orange or a small one. Hard-boiled, cooled down and peeled eggs rubbed on a coarse grater, cut the strips of cheese.
  5. All of the above pour into a deep bowl, fill with vegetable or olive oil to taste, mix well.
  6. Salt was originally added to the cabbage, so in addition to salt, this salad is not necessary.

salad with crab sticks, ham and cucumber

Ingredients: pepper 1 pc


250 g of surimi


300 g of ham

200 g cheese

How to prepare a salad of cucumber and ham with crab sticks:

  1. This salad is laid out in a form or on a flat plate layers as a substrate useful lettuce.
  2. The first layer is a sweet pepper. It is cut in half, was purified from the seeds and cut into small cubes, this top layer is smeared mayonnaise.
  3. Crab sticks cut into slices and spread on top of a layer of pepper, also promazyvaya top with mayonnaise.
  4. Big cucumber clean from the skin and cut small strips, spread on crab sticks, and on top a layer of ham cut into cubes. Before cutting it should be clear from the film, and a layer of fluff laid out mayonnaise.
  5. the top layer is poured a hard cheese, grated on a fine grater.