Citrus delight: salads with oranges

Salad with oranges will be a real decoration of the table. They will add to him the sun colors and cheer up.

diner dish with shrimps

The result will exceed the best expectations. Low-calorie salad, so please those who are watching their figures. Fighters for harmony instead of mayonnaise can add natural yogurt.


300 g of peeled shrimp

1 cucumber

2 oranges

100 g of mayonnaise or natural unsweetened yogurt


How to prepare a salad with oranges and shrimp

  1. Put on the fire a pot of water, prisolit liquid. As soon as it boils, put the shrimp, stir the fire did not decrease.
  2. Cook under lid open seafood after boiling for 2 minutes, flip them in a colander. Orange Peel, remove the membranes and films with cloves.
  3. Cut each into four pieces. Cucumber rub in using a large float cells. All move in a deep bowl, add the mayonnaise or yogurt, mix and place in a bowl.

It turned out not only beautiful, but also delicious.

Snack with poultry

The following recipe will not disappoint. Chicken meat is also a diet and light products. This dish takes its rightful place on the holiday table.


300 g of boiled chicken breast

one apple, orange, cucumber

40 g of cheese

100 g of ham (can turkey)

120 g of mayonnaise


How to prepare a salad with oranges and poultry:

  1. chicken, ham, cucumber and apple chop into fine strips. Chop the cheese on a coarse grater. With clean off citrus peel, divide them into slices and remove from each film, one cut into 4 parts.
  2. begins to form salad promazyvaya only "ham," and "chicken" layer mayonnaise. Put down half the norm chicken.
  3. After lubricate it with mayonnaise, spread the slices of orange. They place the apple sticks.
  4. Next, place the slices of ham, cucumber. Top with remaining meat of poultry, brush with mayonnaise, sprinkle with cheese.
  5. Garnish with herbs.

Salad with orange and carrot Korean

Add a salad, which plan to put the oranges, more sunlight, his Korean carrots in it. In addition, it will make the diner dish more "acute". For fans like eating a salad a godsend. Ingredients:

300 g of chicken

60 g of cheese

1 2 small or large orange

3 chicken eggs

130 g of carrots in Korean

100 g of mayonnaise


4 walnuts

How to prepare a salad with oranges and Korean carrots:

  1. Meat of chickens can be taken from the boiled, baked or fried chicken. Cut it into cubes, place on platter, apply a mesh of mayonnaise.
  2. Cover with Korean carrot. It rub on a coarse grater eggs, they, too, cover with mayonnaise.
  3. Clean off with orange peel with a knife, cut into pieces, without removing the film. Place the orange fruit on egg-layer mayonnaise.
  4. Top rub the cheese, salad garnish with chopped walnuts.