To the delight of meat-eaters: a salad of pork - video recipes at home

To the delight of meat-eaters: a salad of pork - video recipes at home
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Pork meat contains large amounts of trace elements useful because both adults and children. Pork can be cooked many dishes: soups and main dishes, tasty salads. And each of them will not like the others.

Pork is one of the most common in our country meats. It is quite high caloric value and is about 145 kcal per 100 g Meat contains large amounts of useful substances for the human body: iron, zinc, vitamins B and animal protein.

Number of meals that can be prepared from pork, thousands. However, special attention should be paid namely salads - dishes that are cooked faster.

Layered salad of smoked pork

To prepare you need the following products:

- smoked pork - 300g;

- 2 small bulbs;

- 2 carrots;

- Eggs - 4 pcs;

- Dutch cheese - 150 g;

- prunes;

- 2 garlic cloves;

- cucumber - 2 pieces;

- mayonnaise and sunflower oil;

- ground paprika and salt.

  1. First layer - is onions, sliced ​​half rings and fried in sunflower oil.
  2. Second layer - smoked pork, chopped into small cubes and lubricated from above mayonnaise.
  3. Third layer - of grated cooked eggs and again lubricate mayonnaise.
  4. The fourth layer - egg lay crushed on a coarse grater cucumber, grated hard cheese (Dutch type), which is on top again arch mayonnaise.
  5. Carrots clean, grate and fry in sunflower oil with the addition of ground paprika and crushed garlic. The resulting mixture was lay fifth layer.
  6. Prunes cut into thin strips and place on a carrot.
  7. Let the salad to soak for an hour and then apply it on the table.

German salad with pork

For it would require:

- pork meat - 150 g;

- egg - 3 pcs;

- onion;

- 2 carrots;

- mayonnaise;

- 3 tbsp. l. vinegar;

- 1 tbsp. l. Sahara;

- 0, 5 tsp.. salt;

- Sunflower oil, water and greenery.

  1. Boil the meat in salted water and cut them into small pieces. Onion peel and chop the rings. Meat with onions soak in the marinade for half an hour. For the marinade mix sunflower oil, vinegar, sugar, salt and water.
  2. The eggs cook, peel and cut into circles. Boil the carrots with the peel, peel and cut into circles, too.
  3. Start spread salad layers: first - meat, onions, second - mayonnaise, third - eggs, fourth - mayonnaise, fifth - carrots, sixth - mayonnaise.
  4. On top of a salad garnish with greens.

Beet salad with pork

You need the following ingredients:

- pork meat - 200 g;

- 2 carrots;

- 2 beet;

- 3 chicken eggs;

- cheese - 100 g;

- walnut kernels;

- garlic;

- mayonnaise;

- salt.

  1. Pork boil in salted water and chop into small pieces. Add to the meat crushed through a press garlic and a little mayonnaise. Mass stir and lay the first layer of lettuce.
  2. On the meat grate cheese varieties, boiled eggs and smear mayonnaise. Next layer - carrots, chopped to a coarse grater. On top of the carrot lay grated beets and mayonnaise grease again.
  3. kernels walnut salad garnish on top and serve.