Royal salad recipe - video recipes at home

Royal salad recipe - video recipes at home
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Salad "Royal" will adorn the holiday table. It can be prepared in a variety of flavors: shrimp, fish, chicken. The dish is quite rich in calories and nutritious.

Salad with boiled chicken

Simple spring salad dressed with mayonnaise

home cooking.

Olga Baklanov

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Salad "Royal" with chicken and ham


300 g of chicken

200 g of ham

2 fresh cucumber

150 g of dried prunes (pitted)

100 g of walnut kernels



To decorate a salad:

2 tomato, olives 5-10, parsley

How to prepare salad "Royal" with chicken and ham:

  1. In the preparatory phase chicken boil, cool and disassemble into thin fibers.
  2. Cut the cucumber and ham into thin strips.
  3. Soak the prunes in warm water and cut into slices.
  4. Grind walnut kernels in average crumb.
  5. Put the prepared ingredients into the bowl (except nuts), salt, mix and season with mayonnaise. Top salad sprinkle with walnut crumbs.

Salad "Royal" with shrimps


500 g of medium sized shrimp

4 eggs

3 kiwi

2 packs surimi

2 carrots

0 5 glass long-grain rice salt


To decorate a salad:

5 h. Spoon caviar

15 pcs. prawns

1 kiwi

some crab sticks

a small bunch of dill

How to prepare salad "Royal" with shrimp:

  1. and clean Boil shrimp. Separately, boil the rice and divide it into 2 parts. Boil the eggs, carrots, cool them, peel, grate. Peel the kiwi, cut them. Cut the crab sticks.
  1. Salad "Royal" is preparing layers.

    Layer 1: on the flat bottom plates lay dill. On them - half boiled rice, lubricate it with mayonnaise.

    2 layer: shrimp, mayonnaise. They lay crab sticks, lubricate them with mayonnaise. Layer 3: carrots, mayonnaise.

    Layer 4: kiwi, mayonnaise grease is not necessary.

    Layer 5: rice, mayonnaise.

    Layer 6: egg, mayonnaise.

  2. Arrange salad: bumpers decorate deployed crab sticks, large shrimp lay on the edges, kiwi slices, place the caviar in the center.

Salad "Royal" with vegetables, fish, eggs,

Excellent alternative to the traditional herring under a fur coat.


200 g of red salted fish (trout, salmon)

0, 5 cans canned green peas

300 g shrimp

3 potato tuber

1 PC. leeks

1 carrot

2 eggs

For the filling: mayonnaise unsweetened yogurt

To decorate:

a few pieces of fish




How to prepare salad "Royal" with vegetables, fish, eggs:

  1. Open the jar of peas, pour the brine. Clean fresh carrots, grate it on a fine grater, boiled eggs and on large, boiled potatoes cut into small cubes.
  2. and clean Boil shrimp. Cut red salted fish into small cubes and chop the leek into thin rings. Mix the mayonnaise with yogurt. Arrange layers on a flat dish, covered with lettuce:
  3. layer 1 - potato cubes and refilling;

    2 layer - the fish;

    Layer 3 - leek and refilling;

    Layer 4 - shrimp;

    Layer 5 - eggs and refilling;

    6 layer - peas;

    Layer 7 - carrots and refilling.

  4. Decorate the salad. To do this, the rose of the fish, cut into thin slices and parsley - the petals. Of leeks make a spiral. The finished dish is put in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

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