Classification of rice: varieties and species

  • grain length;
  • a method of processing;
  • color.

In turn, every type include many varieties. One and the same variety of rice, processed in different ways, will be a different color, taste and method of preparation.

Initially rice grain has the same structure for all grades: under cladding layer is pure white brownish grains. The shell itself covered by a rigid hulls. This - paddy rice grains, which in the processing changes the appearance and taste.

Grain type of rice is divided into 3 types:

  • Long,
  • srednezerny,
  • Round.

Long-grain rice has a thin seed oblong to 8 mm long. Sometimes white and brown. When cooking this kind of rice absorbs a small amount of liquid, so the grains do not stick together, do not boil soft and crumbly obtained. Used for cooking various dishes of Oriental and European cuisine. It is grown in Australia, Asia and America.

Figure Srednezerny has a broad and short grain, the length of which does not exceed 6 mm. They are less transparent and contain more starch than dlinozerny. During the preparation of this type of rice to absorb a lot of liquid. The finished product is soft and slightly stick together.

It can be both white and brown. Suitable for cooking paella, risotto, soups and porridges. Srednezerny rice grown in Europe, Asia, America and Australia. Round Rice has round grains short length of 5 mm. They are almost opaque and contain large amounts of starch. During cooking, round grain rice absorbs a lot of water and much fall apart, getting a creamy consistency.

From it is prepared puddings, casseroles, cereals and land. Of certain varieties of rice Round brewed sake. It grows in Ukraine, Russia, China, Italy and Japan.

Depending on the processing method are distinguished:

  • brown unpolished rice,
  • white polished,
  • steamed.

Brown rice is the result of the minimum processing paddy grain. He saved bran shell, which gives the rice brown hue and a nutty flavor. Basically it is dlinozernym and srednezernym. Preparing unpolished rice from 25 to 40 minutes. and it does not fall apart. The disadvantage is a small shelf life.

White polished rice - the most common type of cereal. Grains such rice is smooth and white. He may have a different shape and length. Preparing for 10-15 min.

It contains a lot of starch, but not rich in minerals and vitamins. This is due to the fact that all the nutritious bran is removed during processing envelope. It has an affordable price and a longer shelf life.

Parboiled rice is the result of a special treatment. It retains all the benefits of brown rice. It has a golden color, which disappears after cooking. The cooking time rice is steamed for 20 minutes. He never sticks together and retains its flavor when reheating food. The color of rice is white, beige, yellow, red, purple and black. There are rice varieties, are most popular. These include Basmati and Jasmine, who have a unique flavor. This white long-grain species that do not lose their shape when cooked and rich in nutrients.

Arborio - Italian variety srednezernogo kind of white. When cooking it becomes creamy and is well suited for the preparation of risotto and soups.

Red rice is cultivated in France. It has a strong nutty flavor and taste.

Black Tibetan figure has a refined taste and high protein content.

Figure devzira - a Central Asian variety, without which it is impossible to prepare a real Uzbek pilaf. It has a pinkish hue, in the process of cooking a little darker and never stick together.

Thai sweet rice has the property to stick together. Suitable for desserts and some Asian dishes.