Recipe for seafood mix - video recipes at home

Recipe for seafood mix - video recipes at home
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Sea cocktail - a set of seafood, which included shrimp, mussels, squid, octopus, but can meet and other marine residents, depending on whether this delicious product was produced in a country. The Russian stores it is sold in bulk or packed in packages of 0, 5 kg, and the hosts have a chance to pamper the family this delicious, useful and low-calorie dishes.

Like all seafood, seafood mix is ​​stored for a short time at room temperature, as prone to putrid infection. Therefore, all its ingredients immediately after the catch is subjected to deep-freezing express at which kills any bacteria. It is important to strictly observe the appropriate temperature conditions during transport and storage of sea cocktail. In this case it is not allowed thawing and re-freezing.

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By purchasing seafood mix in bulk or in a package, be sure to pay attention to seafood were not frozen together in clumps, and there was no ice packs - is a sign that at least one temperature control was broken, risking food poisoning. For the cooking of seafood cocktails often it is not thawed. In the case where it is boiled to cook seafood salad, cocktail just throw a few minutes in boiling salted water, then throws in a colander. If you want to fry it, lay frozen in the pan with fried onions and cook, stirring constantly, until the released liquid has evaporated. It is important not to expose seafood to heat treatment for longer than is necessary for their preparation time. Seafood Cocktail is classified as "food for 30 minutes," since all its ingredients consist mainly of protein.

Risotto with sea cocktail

Ingredients: (for two servings)

500 g sea cocktail

1-2 cloves of garlic

1/2 medium sized onion

200 g of the hot fish stock

800 g of dry white wine

100 g of rice "arborio"

3 tbsp. spoon of olive oil

a mixture of peppers

some fresh chopped herbs

How to cook risotto with seafood cocktail:

  1. Onions finely chop the garlic just crushed pushing it from above the flat side of a knife. Preheat a frying pan 2 tbsp. spoon of olive oil and fry the onion in it until golden brown, stirring constantly so that it is not burnt.
  2. Put the garlic in a frying pan and fry it with onions, to the contents of the pan has become a characteristic odor.
  3. to fry the garlic, remove. Pour into the pan Fig. Fry it with onions, until the rice is slightly yellow.
  4. Put the pan with chopped herbs and pour the wine. Stir the rice, until the smell of alcohol will evaporate.
  5. Then lay frozen seafood and pour into the pan ladle of hot fish stock.
  6. Continue to cook the rice, stirring constantly and adding broth as it has absorbed. How much to pour the broth will depend on how much rice will absorb it.
  7. Therefore, the latter must be periodically try. Once it is almost ready, add another ladle broth, wait until it begins to boil, try dish for salt and, if necessary, dosolit.
  8. pepper it to taste. Turn off the heat under the pan, cover it with a lid and leave to stand for 10-15 minutes without a fire.
  9. Add to the pan the remaining olive oil, mix everything and serve.