Recipes most delicious liverworts - video recipes at home

Liverworts represent a pancake-based byproducts. Some housewives prefer not to fry and bake hepatic mass.



500 g liver

200 g fat

2 small onions


half cup of rice

1 tbsp. spoon flour

vegetable oil for frying

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How to cook liverworts:

  1. In this case, suitable as a chicken and pork or beef by-product. Liver is necessary to wash and remove any streaks. When using porcine byproduct must be put in a bowl and cover with cold water or a mixture of water with milk in a ratio of 1: 1. Dishes with liver should be placed in a refrigerator for 1 hr. During this time, the product is removed from some of the toxins that are soluble in water.
  2. Prepared liver must be cut into pieces and mince together with bacon and onions.
  3. Further, the mixture should then add the egg, flour, salt, spices. To give the dish a unique flavor and delicious taste, you can add to liver 2 garlic cloves, passed through the press.
  4. Figure need to boil until tender and mix with the liver, bacon and onions. In a hot pan, you need to pour a little oil or butter. Liverworts are more tasty, if it is to fry them in butter fat.
  5. The resulting mass is needed to spread the pan tablespoon and fry each side for 5 minutes.
  6. Further it is possible to reduce the heat to a minimum, cover the pan cover and extinguish the dish for 10 minutes until ready.
  7. Pechenochniki need to put on a paper towel to absorb excess fat for 5 minutes, and then shift into a bowl and serve.
  8. This dish can be served with any side dish, but it is best to combine it with boiled potatoes and mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.

Pechenochniki cabbage


0, 5 kg chicken liver

0, 5 kg of cabbage

3 eggs

250 g of cream

100 g hard cheese

2 tbsp. spoons of semolina

salt to taste

How to cook cabbage liverworts:

  1. The liver must be washed, cut into pieces and grind using a blender. Finely chop the cabbage is necessary, salt and mash your hands. It is necessary to soften it.
  2. sour cream, eggs, and semolina need to put in a bowl and mix until homogenous.
  3. Then all the ingredients, except the cheese, you need to mix. Bowl Multivarki necessary to grease with vegetable oil and pour the mixture into her liver.
  4. Cooking liverwort need in the "baking" for 1, 5 hours. After cooking it should be put on a plate and sprinkle with grated cheese.
  5. You can also sprinkle with chopped herbs, if desired. This dish can be served either hot or cold.