Vegetarian chickpea salad, cheese and tomato

This salad can be submitted as a snack. Chickpea is of excellent quality, taste and high nutritional value. They consume more often boiled, pre-soaking. They make excellent hearty meals that are nutritious and obtained the best of high-calorie. In short, a godsend for vegetarians ...


Chickpeas should be soaked for a long time, at least 5-6 hours and preferably overnight. Should be soaked in water at room temperature and left in a warm place. Then boil over moderate heat for about an hour.

Goat cheese used, as available bought Greek cheese "Fet", prepared from sheep with the addition of goat milk. Put all ingredients in a bowl, chop the tomatoes not too finely grind the cheese and add a bit of any greenery. On top of all pour olive oil and a little vinegar diluted sbryznete.

salad of chickpeas and cheese - it is a healthy food that must be prepared is often possible. In this salad so good, such as goat cheese, unlike cow's less allergenic and well regain strength after a possible stress and physical exertion.