Marinated tomatoes in winter

Among the hundreds of recipes for winter preparations, marinated tomatoes - is the best that has been thought up for a snack. Each family has a secret and a proven way to harvesting vegetables for the winter. And in turn we want to introduce another version of marinating tomatoes recipe is also the test of time.

It is recommended to select one-piece with a hard-skinned tomatoes are small, so it was not hard to put on and easy to distribute the bank.

for winter harvesting tomatoes

The thoroughly sterilized jars, first lay prewashed, as well after the dried herbs, add round black pepper, garlic cloves some, or cut into 2-3 smaller parts sweet pepper and bay leaf.

Marinated tomatoes in winter

Next, place in a jar processed tomatoes and pour hot boiling water. Please note that at the time of harvesting, banks should also be hot. Cover with a lid and leave for self-sterilization, about 10 minutes.

Marinated tomatoes in winter

After carefully drain all "contaminated" water, add approximately two tablespoons of salt and one of vinegar.

Marinated tomatoes in winter

Pour top to 100% boiled in hot water and treated cans roll up lids.

Marinated tomatoes in winter

Turning jars upside down, to shift on a flat plane, top nestle dense blanket and allow full cooling. The process must take place without external intervention, and may take 8 hours or more.

Marinated tomatoes in winter

And then later, for storage, cooled banks, it is recommended to shift into a dark and cool place.

Follow the recipe step by step you will now be able to pickle and preserve any vegetables for future use. Not postponing, start to harvest today, because marinated tomatoes in the winter - is to take care of tomorrow.

Tips for harvesting tomatoes:

- To try to use the conservation of vegetables grown in the beds under the sun. For greenhouse tomatoes need a deep sterilization of special-sophisticated technology.

- Plus, for those who like a spicy snack you can add cayenne pepper, and then have to roll up tomatoes for the winter. And to prislastit, you can add a little sugar.

- To ensure that banks do not form a mold and during long storage water is turbid, you need to add horseradish leaves, this way the workpiece will remain long transparent.