How to cook green tomatoes for the winter - video recipes at home

Salad with onion, carrot, pepper

Those who grow tomatoes, certainly faced with such a problem as phytophthora. Green fruits begin to cover a broad brown spots and rot. Such can not be saved. Of not yet affected green fruit can prepare delicious salad. If you just like the taste of green tomato, this is another reason to make the savory snacks.

It should:

2 kg of green tomatoes;

600 g of carrots;

600 g of onion;

200 g of 9% vinegar;

150-200 g of sugar;

1 tbsp. l. salt;

1, 5 cups of water;

200 g of sugar;

1 cup of vegetable oil;

5 peppers.

How to prepare:

Tomatoes wash, depending on the size, cut them into slices or quarters of the Rings. Pour into an enamel pan, pour salt, stir, leave for 8 hours. After 8 hours, just pour it out, throwing pieces of tomatoes in a colander, then put them back in the pan.

Onions clean, wash, cut into half rings. Carrots are also clean, wash, grate coarsely grated. In peppers, remove the seeds, wash, slice it into strips. Put the prepared vegetables to tomatoes. Pour in water, oil, sugar vsypte. Add salt is no longer necessary. Place a container on fire, bring to the boil, salad simmer for 25 minutes. Add the vinegar, hold on a minute the fire and arrange the vegetables in clean and sterilized a couple of banks. Zakuporte their iron lids. Turn the container upside down on the table, cover newspapers and bedspread.

Salad with surprise

The second appetizer equally delicious. Tomatoes in her look amazing and spices add piquancy. However, she kept a little less, but for this salad is not necessary to prepare and sterilize the jars.

It is necessary to:

2 kg of green tomatoes;

of parsley, dill, cilantro;

1 clove of garlic average;

1 bitter pepper;

50 g of green celery;

1 tbsp. l. salt.


1, 5 liters of water;

celery stalks;

2 tbsp. l. coarse salt.

How to prepare:

Rinse the tomatoes, cut them in half, but not until the end. You can make a cross-shaped incision 2-4. Rub them with salt, leave for 4 hours, drain the juice.

To prepare the stuffing of greens, wash it, cut into medium. Just chop pepper. Chesnochiny clean, chop, having passed through the press. Mix the ingredients, starting their tomatoes. To do this, take a teaspoon of minced meat, tomatoes fill the slot. Fold them in an enamel pot. In vsypte salt water, add celery petioles (leaves stuffing). Put it on the fire, let boil. Pour the hot brine tomatoes, tomato put on an inverted flat plate, and on it - the yoke.

Leave the pot for 10 days.

After 10 days, the tomatoes spread out in glass jars, cover them with plastic lids, remove the cold - in a cellar or refrigerator.