Roasted peppers with garlic

To the great surprise of all the simple dishes are very popular and have a great taste. Example of roasted peppers with garlic - Vegetable appetizer consisting of two mineral components that are ready as quickly as possible. And another advantage of this dish is that the peppers with garlic fried in oil blend harmoniously with potatoes and all kinds of meat, including seafood.

If you expand the list of ingredients, you will have a vegetable stew with a very different flavor. And though, in the world there is an incredible amount of options and roasted peppers recipes, but cooking the principle always remains the same.

Peppers roasted with garlic - a step by step recipe

To Get Juicy vegetables need to choose fleshy varieties of sweet peppers with a thick base. And when applying roasted peppers with garlic pour a little vinegar. Roasted peppers in the winter

Generally, this versatile dish. According to this principle, not long after roasting, ready roasted peppers can preserve for the winter.

The first thing you need to handle the banks, first check for possible chips, then wash thoroughly and sterilize.

Fill jars with hot snacks, do not forget to add vinegar in the amount - 1 teaspoon is not diluted vinegar to a quart jar, and if diluted, then 1 tbsp.

Banks roll with boiled lids and cover them at night with a warm blanket, and then storing it.

It is important, before cooking all the vegetables should be thoroughly rinsed as possible and to avoid getting germs in the preservation.