Nearest milligram: choose a kitchen scale - video recipes at home

Agree that it is "smart appliances" largely create the atmosphere of our kitchen. Kitchen - is the most important place in the house where the family is reunited in the mornings and evenings. That is why every woman wants the kitchen was comfortable, cozy and sophisticated. Large and small "smart devices" become loyal assistants who cherish our precious time, facilitate the process of cooking and, of course, create "innovative spirit", which spurs us to the culinary experiments.

Selection of kitchen appliances can become a real torture because of the variety of proposals that are born on the Internet every day. To avoid the frustration of buying newfangled and advanced kitchen gadget we decided to look into a variety of electronic scales, which are represented in the market of household appliances.

Any experienced housewife says that without weights in the kitchen is quite possible to do, but that with them much easier to comply with the recipe "naughty" foods.

Measuring bowl and digital scale in one device

Universal design, practicality, and most importantly - ease of use distinguish these modern scales on a background of others. The scales have three-liter bowl, which has a digital indicator. Electronic "stuffing" the balance will determine the weight of each product: they can be used to achieve maximum accuracy in weighing. These scales know the "true" weight of water, oil, sugar and flour, so their accuracy can be assured. LCD display is easy to read and adjust, in his device to understand even far from the mistress of art. The scale operates on batteries, and that it is time to replace them, the display will tell. Price: about 2000 rubles.

Nearest milligram: choose a kitchen scale - video recipes at home

Scales and timer - the perfect combination for those who often undercooked dishes

Digital kitchen scale - timer stylish design will occupy a worthy place in any kitchen. In these scales, in addition to basic weighing functions, there is one that will help select the system of measurement: the scales are weighed in grams and kilograms or in pounds and ounces. If you put in the scales several different ingredients, and then add other unique recognition system calculates the weight of each product separately. The balance is removable, it can be easy to wash, including in the dishwasher. The scale is set a timer that will alert you of the readiness of dishes. With these scales, you forget what a burnt rice or vegetables, because we all know that food is prepared in several times faster, if you are a time during which the dish stands at the plate, spend at the computer or talking on the phone. Set a timer may be for a period of 1 to 90 minutes and from 1 to 59 seconds.

Price: about 7000 rubles.

Nearest milligram: choose a kitchen scale - video recipes at home

Jewelery scales culinary

Electronic scales in the form of a spoon weighed the tiniest weight: 0 to 01 grams. At first glance it may seem that such a mini-scales are useless in the economy, because we are used to put sugar and salt "by eye". And we must admit that the "antiquated" method often fails, because we know: that the dish turned out the "right", it is important to observe the exact proportions. This unique kitchen gadget combines the functions of a regular spoon and very accurate kitchen scale. These mini-scales are designed primarily for weighing a variety of spices and dried herbs, salt, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon, vinegar, oil, as well as different medicinal powders and drops, with which we often encounter during colds. Shape into a spoon allows you to get into cans or bottles. Scales are easy to read LCD display, and automatic shutdown after three minutes of work. Price: 700 rub.

Nearest milligram: choose a kitchen scale - video recipes at home

The ideal piece for a perfect figure

These scales are ideal for those families where regularly watching her figure and adhere to proper nutrition. Scales show weight products, and simultaneously count the number contained within the calories and other mineral and insalubrious substances: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, iodine, salt, sugar and cholesterol. Unable to determine the "eye", how much weight ration of soup, but because this information is very important for those who count calories and follow the figure. The uniqueness of this device - first of all in the fact that it combines and electronic scales and calorie calculator. Using them is simple: you need to select the desired product from the list, and then put it on the scales - and all the information on it is displayed on the side of the special panel. With these scales, you can easily calculate how much and what to eat now, not to "overdo it" with calories and does not recover. The "brain" of scales provides information about the calorie and nutrient ratio of 2,000 products, and there are still 100 free cells for manual input, for example, for your loved ones specialties.

Price: about 2000 rubles.

Nearest milligram: choose a kitchen scale - video recipes at home

Prepare the music - much more fun

If you can not live without music for a minute, then new development ADE created especially for you. With these musical scales routine cooking process turn into a cheerful and dynamic concert. Listen to music you can now with the dynamics, which is hidden in the balance. This modern device for the kitchen combines a dock for Mp-3 Player and accurate electronic balance for the products. Choose songs you can on the player, but to reduce or increase the volume can be a balance. Scales are designed to work with up to 5 kg, the measurement accuracy is one gram. If the weight of the weighing object exceeds the maximum of 5 kg, the relevant information is displayed. Furthermore, in the device there is a battery charge indicator. Price: about 3000 rubles.

Nearest milligram: choose a kitchen scale - video recipes at home