To buy or not multivarku?

To buy or not multivarku?
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To buy or not multivarku?

multivarka a home assistant, which can be

cook a huge amount of food. In this case, all of them

retain a maximum of useful properties, since the process

It carried out through longing.

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Every family and every woman decides exactly how devices in the kitchen space, and what - a waste of money. Multivarku worth buying for those who want to save time on cooking, because it requires only download all the ingredients in the bowl, start the program and do their own thing. In multivarka, under normal use, nothing burns or boils.

Another advantage of the device is healthy dish. Multivarki equipped with special steam valve which uniformly removes excess moisture, reducing cooking time, while maintaining its beneficial substance.

To buy or not multivarku?


Universal device is usually the decisive factor when buying. Firstly, it is not only quenches and cooks meals, but also bakes, roasts, tormented. healthy food fans point out that milk porridge in multivarka turns at times tastier than on the stove. This is due to the fact that the dish is languishing at low temperatures, so it is prepared before in Russian stoves. Secondly, multivarka easily replaces and pans, and pans, and oven. Timer - another plus in favor of the acquisition Multivarki. Modern models allow us to prepare a meal, not only here and now, but also after a specified period of time. For example, going to work, you can download all the ingredients for your meal in a bowl, choose a program, set the timer, and after returning home, and ready to enjoy a hot meal or lunch. Energy consumption devices on average 700-1000 watts. What is not so much when you consider that the average cooking time for 1-2 hours. In heating mode, the current models consume no more than an ordinary light bulb.


Portability - another argument. Multivarki equipped with a convenient carrying handle. Furthermore the device weight is usually not more than 4 kg, which allow to take it with him and to the country, and at rest, if necessary. The device is irreplaceable for those who for some reason is not possible to cook on the stove or in the oven.

Acquire multivarku or not - a private matter, but it is worth remembering that this multifunctional device greatly simplifies the cooking process, saving time that can be spent for other purposes or vacation.