Vietnam roast lizard - video recipes at home

Vietnam roast lizard - video recipes at home
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Favorite Vietnamese youth entertainment - hunting for "Dragons

sand pits. " Watch the video!

to Leading the program "Wild Food" Vadim Tikhomirov is trying the unusual Vietnamese dishes:

"I want to tell you about his favorite pastime of the Vietnamese youth. In the evening they go to the sand dunes in search of "the dragon." This is a very beautiful lizard, which can be found in these sands. "

Iguana lizard belongs to the order. Unlike their relatives that they have adapted to the conditions of a dry climate. Iguanidae common in much of Central America, the Antilles, the Galapagos Islands and Fiji. Are vegetarians, they feed mainly on leaves, flowers and fruits.

"Going on the hunt for lizards, Vietnamese and is looking: if suddenly somewhere shake the sand - so there is a lizard! It should immediately seek! Terrible, but such a beautiful lizard. Hurrah! Another trophy wild caught. " Lizard on the grill or curry? ... The Vietnamese love to try something new. Vadim Tikhomirov will taste the sand dragon curry.

Watch the video:

How to make a lizard?

"We need a pan, curry sauce, butter, boiled potatoes, carrot, lemongrass, tomato paste, bouillon cubes, salt, milk and sweetened condensed coconut milk. And, of course, chopped lizard ".

What is the taste of lizard?

"Under the skin lies tight tender, juicy filet flavored with curry. Of course, you can repeat this recipe, but it seems to me, it is enough that it has tried me! "