How to cook a hearty chicken soup - video recipes at home

How to cook a hearty chicken soup - video recipes at home
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Easy and simultaneously rich soup Chicken appropriate in many situations. It is good for lovers of simple and hearty, and for those who adhere to the diet, and for people recovering from a serious illness - to maintain their strength. It will fit perfectly even kids just starting to get used to the dishes with the general table.

In the kitchens of different peoples of the world can find varieties of chicken soup. Like whether should hardly come as a surprise. Poultry is grown in many countries, and the dishes out of it for a long time known for their excellent taste and satiety.

Chicken breast in a creamy mustard sauce by Jamie Oliver

Of the usual chicken breasts can be cooked

Gourmet restaurant meal level in just 30 minutes!

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Especially appreciated in the modern cooking soup Chicken. Preparation of simple yet not without elegance dishes easily be mastered even a person without any special culinary skills and taste, satiety and benefits can be compared with him a little similar dishes.

It is considered to be that this dish soup certainly not going to harm, even if it is a man sitting on a diet. Chicken broth and allow to recuperate for a long time to satisfy his hunger due to its richness valuable nutrients.

Doctors recommend it for almost everyone, including the sick, who are struggling with the broncho-pulmonary illnesses, the effects of food poisoning and other diseases which involve entry into the body of toxic substances. Chicken soup with a minimum of other ingredients in this case will serve as an excellent tool for detoxifying, and it is in an easily digestible protein a person needs to give energy and vitality. Even for beginners only familiarity with the dishes "adult" kids table chicken soup will be quite easy for the stomach and at the same time is very satisfying. However, the dish has not lost its nutritional value and does not bring harm instead of benefit, it is important to cook it. There are certain nuances.

So, if you plan to add to the chicken soup vegetables, it is desirable to do this is at the final stage, a heat treatment of these products be subjected separately. So they better preserve the useful elements in its composition.

However, there are subtleties in the preparation of the main component of the soup - chicken broth. From what parts of the bird carcass was his cook - a matter of taste. Especially because the fat in the meat of this bird is still quite small (no more than 9%), but useful proteins - about a fifth of the weight. Calorie same different parts of its carcass may amount to between 164-241 calories.

How to cook chicken broth, refer to the plot:

How to cook soup chicken:

  1. selected for the soup a piece of meat you need to add water and boil. Once the broth has boiled, it must be drained, and then fill the tank with fresh chicken and a portion of the liquid is already out of it to cook soup. Such manipulations are necessary to preserve the beneficial properties of this dish. The first broth get harmful substances that have accumulated in the bird's carcass, and therefore it is necessary to get rid of it.
  2. In the process of cooking to add to the pan with the chicken pepper and bay leaf, that by the end of cooking, of course, it is recommended to take out of the soup. After that, the meat must be removed and cut into cubes, then add in order to have a dish for serving. (If you want to make a meal entirely homogeneous, can skip this step.)
  3. Next, add more hot broth other ingredients. If this is the onion, it is necessary to pre-fry in a small amount of vegetable oil. Potatoes and carrots should boil until soft, and for more dietary choices - roast. For the density of the soup you can put a couple of tablespoons of flour, previously mixed it for better dissolution of a small amount of broth.
  4. Vegetables should be crushed in a blender or rub through a sieve and puree already able to put into the broth. Similarly, should arrive and avian meat when the assumed homogeneous variant soup. At this stage add the cream, grated cheese and other desired ingredients.
  5. All together, you need to boil for 5-7 minutes, then remove from heat and prepare to serve. Soup poured into portioned bowls, decorated with toasted croutons or chopped herbs.