How delicious to cook the chicken broth - video recipes at home

Tasty and simple: chicken soup with rice

Chicken soup with rice is easily digestible

hot dish, having a pleasant taste. It is included in a child or dietary menu. you can prepare the soup with rice and chilli for spicy food lovers.

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Chicken soup - a traditional dish of Russian cuisine, such as habitual as pancakes or porridge, although other countries are preparing it with pleasure. Make it possible from different parts of the chicken, depending on what dish you want to get in the end. So, from the bones, neck, wings and breasts get a very delicate broth, besides economical price. Of a whole chicken, or her thighs with legs out and greasy nourishing broth, which is great for recuperation, it helps with colds, as well cures throat and nourishes the body, even in case of serious diseases.

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No wonder it is considered that chicken soup is best helps with colds and illness. The patient does not have to chew on anything that can be very difficult for sore throat or flu. In addition, it is chicken broth stimulates the taste buds better than other products, forcing eat even one who continually refuses food because of poor health. Warm and richness of the dish perfectly beneficial effect on the body, gives him the strength to fight off viruses and bacteria. Before cooking, choose what kind of soup you want.

If you want to get the bold and riches - select a whole bird carcass and place in a saucepan with two legs hips. It is better to give up the cooking broth of chicken because of its fat content - basically, this breed chickens meant for cooking and baking.

If you want your dish turned light and hearty, put in a pan with the bones of legs, back with some meat, bones, breasts and wings.

Of breast meat without the skin will come good diet dish, even though it will be deprived of all the variety of taste.

How to prepare the broth:

  1. After you get hold of the chicken or the whole bird, wash it, put it in cold water.
  2. Place over high heat and wait until boiling, then the temperature must be immediately reduced.
  3. The first water from the chicken can be drained. If you do not, remove the foam is formed, it can appear immediately after the heating chicken, or broth will not be transparent.
  4. Next to it lay a few along the cut carrots, whole onion and spices - pepper, bay leaf, sage. Some housewives prefer to put the onion in the husk, as it gives the water a deep color. After addition of the broth immediately roots salt.
  5. Now cook the chicken on low heat, not allowing to boil too much, otherwise the dish will turn cloudy, and the meat is too tough.
  6. When the carrot is tender, it is possible to immediately obtain and throw it away, because it absorbs most of the harmful substances chicken.
  7. Boil broth need from 40 minutes to 2 hours depending on the amount of meat and bones in a saucepan.
  8. All the other ingredients you need to get it after cooking when the broth is filtered and each plate is added at the request of finely chopped greens and a half eggs.
  9. The broth can also be used as a basis for many other dishes: noodles, soups, goulash.