Kiwi - the secret ingredient tasty salad - video recipes at home

Kiwi - the secret ingredient tasty salad - video recipes at home
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sweet and sour kiwi has a very rich taste. Therefore, it is used in cooking, those who are not afraid to experiment, and loves to create a truly unusual treats. The spectrum of these meals is extremely high as from until jam marinade for meat. But most of the kiwi was used to prepare a variety of salads.

For lovers of unusual sensations: kiwi salad and chicken

Gourmets sometimes want to try

something new and non-trivial. It is such a chicken salad and kiwi. This salad, which combines unusual poultry and exotic fruit, it turns a light and extremely tasty. And thanks to the original design of this dish can decorate not only daily, but the festive table.

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In kiwi many secrets. First of all, due to the high acidity of its pulp, for preserving the nutrients are preserved almost in its entirety.

And the nutrients in kiwi abound. Vitamin C, even more than in citrus fruits, vitamin E too much - and in fact it is part of the high-calorie foods, of which slimming avoided and, therefore, do not receive vitamin E in due measure. There are 2-3 pieces of kiwi and a quarter of daily folate norms, and are particularly useful for the elderly vitamin B6, and a variety of micro-and macro. Speaking of losing weight: kiwi - a dietary product that promotes fat burning. Therefore, those who are struggling with being overweight can safely use this fruit in cooking, and thereby enrich their taste.

Kiwi success in cooking lies in its good compatibility with almost all components. Acid pulp kiwi perfectly accentuate the taste of meat, fish and seafood. A sweet, ideal for the palette of fruit dishes. Even visually kiwi is a great decoration for the salad: add a bright green color in the bulk of the composition and finish your fancy vivid slices.

Layer meat salad with kiwi

Number of products depends on the width of your salad and, accordingly, the width of the layers.

Layer 1 - and peppered boiled salted meat (chicken or beef), onion (or green onion)

Layer 2 - diced kiwi

Layer 3 - grated egg whites

Layer 4 - grated apple

Layer 5 - grated cheese and finely diced tomatoes

Layer 6 - chopped carrot Korean

Layer 7 - grated egg yolks

On the palate, you can add garlic (grated or passed through chesnokodavku) and lemon juice.

  1. The layers are coated with mayonnaise as you wish: you can smear each layer, and if you do not like strongly impregnated with mayonnaise salads, greased every 2-3 layers, depending on their thickness.
  2. You should act with salt: in addition to the mandatory first, bottom layer you can add salt of any of them.
  3. Very good, if salad will have time to soak: leave it in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.

The same recipe except meat, can be used for the preparation of vegetarian salad - it will also very tasty.

If the salad is supposed to dessert, fruit, then you can use all your favorite fruits - or those that are available in your refrigerator. Cucumbers or celery also did not interfere, and vice versa - will give freshness. Kiwi with its rich flavor palette will be a highlight of this salad. Cut all the ingredients diced and dressed with yogurt - conventional or fruit - or honey. You can add nuts - walnuts, pine, cashew nuts or peanuts. Tasty and healthy treat vitamin ready: it will be enjoyed by both adults and children. And it fits all: and vegetarians, and fasting, and losing weight.