Excellent breakfast: fruit salad with yogurt

Excellent breakfast: fruit salad with yogurt
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Excellent breakfast: fruit salad with yogurt

Fruit salad - it is beautiful and delicious dish for breakfast or dessert. It can be made from any available fruit and yogurt to fill. This salad will be enjoyed by both children and adults.

Fruit salad recipe is a great deal. In addition to the fruit in it add nuts, oatmeal or cornflakes. Salad seasoned and honey, and yogurt, but the main ingredient for fueling - after all yogurt. It is he who is best combined with fruit.

Children's fruit salad with yogurt

For adults, you can use yogurt with no refills, white and sour, but for children is better to add a sweet product with your favorite fruit filling. This will help make breakfast even more rewarding and enjoyable.

Excellent breakfast: fruit salad with yogurt

In addition, the dish is ready quickly - just need to wash and cut fruit into pieces. To prepare, take the ripe fruit, hard enough that they do not fall apart in a salad, peel them from the skin, remove seeds and chop.

Winter fruit salad with yogurt

For winter embodiment lettuce pick 1 large apple, banana 2, or 1, 4 mandarin orange, 1 kiwi, pomegranate, persimmon and some grapes. A summer salad suitable for 1 apple, pear 1-2, 1 peach, 1-2 bananas and grapes.

To begin, mix all the fruit in a bowl and then pour them yogurt that they gave as little juice and does not fall apart.

Cook this dish - a pleasure, because it is bright, fresh and incredibly tasty, and the table is not long delayed. In addition, several kinds of fruits meet the body's need different vitamins and minerals. Especially useful to do a salad during the harvest season when the fruit very much, or at the time of beriberi, to quickly return the body the missing nutrients.

If caught fruit unripe and sour, it is best to fill the salad with honey. Preheat glass container with honey in a water bath, but make sure that the water temperature was not higher than 40 ° C. Then pour the chopped fruit and mix.

It is better to cook at one time as much salad as you can eat, leaving it for later, since it is stored for long.

Tired of salad? Then prepare the original quick breakfast: fruit with yogurt cream!