Pamper yourself and loved ones from the fruit salad and whipped cream - video recipes at home

Pamper yourself and loved ones from the fruit salad and whipped cream - video recipes at home
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Fruit salad with whipped cream - perfect for the festive dessert. Such dishes look very impressive, but in the preparation of fairly simple and not time consuming.

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Fruit salads invented unimaginable number, they are made with honey, ice cream, nuts, chocolate. One tastes different. It is possible to eat, sitting at home alone or with your family, entertain children and adults on any holiday.

Fruit salad with ice cream and whipped cream

Perfect for the hot season.

Ingredients: (for two servings)

ice cream ice cream - 100 g

Pear - 1 piece.

pitted cherry - 1 handful (30 g)

Kiwi - 2 pcs.

whipped cream

white chocolate - 70 g

nuts - to taste (best cashew, he has a sweet mild flavor)

How to prepare a fruit salad with ice cream:

  1. To begin, taken two ice-cream bowls or deep bowls (as the dessert will not be enough), cooled in a freezer for five minutes or a little longer under a stream of cold water.
  2. At that time, the chocolate is heated. Ice cream quickly warming up and kdadetsya at the bottom of the dish. Kiwi and pear cut into cubes. In any order, fruits and berries are placed on ice.
  3. Chocolate is poured on fruit and sprinkled with crushed nuts on it. Top side is covered with a layer of whipped cream. Dessert is served immediately after cooking, to ice cream does not melt, and the cream is not settled. Although hardly anyone wants to set aside such an extraordinarily beautiful and alluring dessert.

Another version of fruit salad would have fit like a glove in cold weather or during an illness when it is not desirable to have something cold.

Fruit delight with honey, cream cheese and whipped cream

This dessert is also very useful.

Ingredients: (for two servings)

banana - 1 pc.

Strawberry - 30 g

curd (soft) - 50 g

honey (preferably liquid) - 50 g

pine nut

whipped cream

maple syrup (or whatever to taste)

How to prepare a fruit salad with cottage cheese:

  1. Banana and strawberry cut into small cubes. Cottage cheese is good with honey whipped blender. Salad fits into tall glasses transparent layers.
  2. First half of fruit syrup watered, then a layer of cheese with honey. Throws a small handful of nuts, then again, fruit, syrup, cheese. Top with whipped cream.

This dessert looks very impressive and has an unforgettable taste. Suitable for both holiday and for a romantic dinner.

And the following salad is better to cook and eat at night when the kids are asleep, because it is intended only for adults.

Fruit salad with rum

A combination of fruits, whipped cream and flavored white rum will allow to plunge into pleasure. Salad is very exotic makeup and no less exotic tastes.

Ingredients: (for two servings)

Pineapple - 100 g

Kiwi - 2 pcs.

cherries pitted - 50 g

coconut - 10 g

white rum (Bacardi) - 30 ml

chocolate - 70 g

whipped cream

How to prepare a fruit salad with rum:

  1. Pineapple and kiwi fruit cut into cubes, mix with cherry and laid in kremanku or pialki. The chocolate is heated. Fruits thin streams poured rum and chocolate.
  2. Whipped cream cap lie on top, and coconut completes the composition.