Recipes salad of celery root

puree of celery and broccoli from Sati Casanova

Today at the "home cooking" singer visited

Sati Casanova. That she prepares in their daily lives for lunch or dinner, we have learned from the singer.

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Salad with beets, celery root and apple


1 raw beetroot medium-sized

150-200 g of celery

1 medium carrot

1 sweet apple

2 tbsp. tablespoons olive oil

juice of 1/2 lemon

1 h. Spoon mustard sauce

1 tbsp. spoon light liquid honey

black pepper powder

fresh greens

salt to taste

How to prepare a salad of celery and beets:

  1. Beets, carrots and celery root Wash, clean and all the grate. Put in a deep bowl. Apple, clean and chop the middle-sized cubes.
  2. Make dressing. For it in a separate bowl squeeze the juice of half a lemon and mix it with honey and olive oil until smooth.
  3. salt and pepper vegetables, pour their sauce, stir and put in a salad bowl, sprinkle with finely chopped fresh herbs.

Salad of celery root and orange


4-5 young celery root

1 large and sweet orange 2 sour-sweet apple of medium size

2 sweet peppers of different colors

3 tbsp. tablespoons low-fat mayonnaise sauce

3 tbsp. tablespoons of fat-free sour cream

fresh herbs

1/2 lemon

black pepper, salt - to taste

How to cook the celery salad with orange:

  1. Clean the celery, remove the peel of an apple and an orange. Celery cut into thin circles, apples - small plates.
  2. Orange disassemble into slices and cut each crosswise into 6-8 pieces. Put all in a bowl. In using lemon peelers remove the peel and finely chop it.
  3. Squeeze of lemon juice and sprinkle with them the contents of the bowl, salt it, pepper, put the mayonnaise and sour cream, mix well.
  4. Bulgarian pepper cut into rings of width 2-2, 5 cm. Put the resulting cylinder of pepper on the plate and, starting them ready salad.
  5. On top of a salad sprinkle with lemon peel and a small amount of finely chopped fresh herbs.

Salad of celery root and kiwi

This exotic salad could easily be a decoration of the festive table.


200 g of celery

3 pcs. ripe kiwi 1/2 cup fat cream 10%

1 tbsp. tablespoon soy sauce

2 tbsp. tablespoons brandy

How to prepare a salad of celery and kiwi:

  1. Make a salad dressing. To this end, a mixer or whisk, beat the cream, mix it with soy sauce. Then pour the mixture into a small saucepan, add the brandy, stir and put the stew on low heat for as long as the contents of the pan is reduced by half.
  2. Do not let the sauce boil, otherwise could curdle cream. Ready sauce remove the plate, cover or a clean cloth and allow to cool at room temperature.
  3. Clean the celery, carefully remove the peel kiwi. Celery cut into thin slices and then chop sticks.
  4. Kiwis can be cut in half, and then - the U-shaped plates. Place celery and kiwi layers spraying with each layer creamy dressing.
  5. On top of salad can be decorated with kiwi slices and sprigs of fresh herbs, leaves of lettuce.