Smoked chicken at home

Smoked chicken at home
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Today on the shelves you can find a variety of different smoked meats, including chicken. However, not all such products are safe for health. The fact that modern manufacturers often give the product treated with liquid smoke for now smoked meat. That is why the recent smoking in the home has become so popular.

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If you choose to smoke the chicken at home, choose a young bird meat. This chicken is different delicate flavor and softness.

To smoke the chicken can be special elektrokoptilne and even Aerogrill. However, if the hand is not a technology, you can cook the chicken in the home smokehouse, which is installed on a gas or electric stove. If the device is installed for smoking in the yard - you can only envy.

Before proceeding to the smoked chicken need to marinate.

The recipe marinade

  1. in the pan Boil enough water to completely cover the bird. Cool water and add the salt, bay leaves, coriander, passed through a garlic press.
  2. ingredients are added to your liking. The main thing - that the meat soaked in spices and become fragrant.
  3. If you are a fan of spicy food, add the marinade pepper, but do not overdo it, so that the meat does not become a burning taste.

    Stir the marinade, the salt was completely dissolved in water, and dip it into a chicken.

  4. Cover the container with a lid and clean for a day in a cool place.
  5. In 24 hours chicken absorbs the flavor of spices and will be ready for smoking.

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At the end of the day, a chicken must be hung on the hook to drain excess fluid and only then placed in a smokehouse. Copts must be on the sawdust fruit trees. Particularly suitable for this cherry. The smoke from this wood gives the meat a unique flavor. If there are no chips, they can be replaced by alder. The smokehouse need to sleep 3-4 handfuls of sawdust, put the pan, which will drain the fat from the chicken and close the lid.

First bloating chicken for maximum heat for 10 minutes. After that, make a moderate fire and cook the chicken even 1, 5 hours. If doing smoked outdoors, the process should be extended to 3 hours. After that, the chicken should be removed from the smokehouse. If the meat in some places moved away from the bones, you can be sure that the product is ready, and it can bring to the table. If you choose to smoke the chicken in Aerogrill, then marinate it as well as you normally smoked. Before placing the bird in aerogrill, tie carcass at several locations twine of natural fiber to the chicken in the cooking process has not collapsed into pieces. Coat the grill with vegetable oil, put on her chicken and place the rack in the lower level.

On the upper level aerogrill put steamer - a special container for sawdust. Sawdust slightly moisten with water. Set the temperature to 180 ° C and an average speed of the fan. smoking time should be 40 minutes. If you prefer meat browned crust, the preheat to 250 ° C, and cook for 10 minutes, after which the temperature switch the regulator on the mark of 180 ° C and bloating another half hour.

Chicken is ready! Bon Appetit!