Chicken stew with pumpkin and mushrooms

Having absorbed the aroma of herbs and meat juice, pumpkin acquires perfect taste. Even those who do not like this vegetable will tuck and ask additive. Braised chicken with pumpkin and mushrooms - a perfect combination of product, which is obtained juicy, tender and pleasantly sweet. You have to try this dish. Begin cooking certainly is now, and if you do not know how to braise chicken with pumpkin, it is easy, as you will see right now.

Pumpkin - it's just a great product that you want to know how to prepare and cook. All meals, including the common millet porridge, where pumpkin added obtained very tasty.

Chicken with pumpkin and mushrooms in cream sauce

Chicken stew with pumpkin and mushrooms

In the recipe, you can use any part of the chicken carcass. The cream can be replaced with fresh sour cream or homemade mayonnaise.

Chicken stew with pumpkin and mushrooms

Clear pumpkin from the peel, remove the seeds and cut the fiber. Cut it into small cubes of about 2 cm.

Chicken stew with pumpkin and mushrooms

Mushrooms among all mushrooms are considered to be the cleanest, so it will be enough rinse them, then slice into quarters.

Chicken stew with pumpkin and mushrooms

Next, you will need to prepare the onion, it is desirable to cut into small cubes or very thin half-rings.

Chicken stew with pumpkin and mushrooms

Chicken fillet chop finely not very long slices. Meat should feel and be aware that in the process of putting the pieces of meat is reduced in volume. In a frying pan heat the oil and fry over a high heat fillets on all sides to form a light ruddy crust on the surface.

Transfer the fried chicken in a separate bowl. In the same pan fry the onions until they let the juice.

Add the chopped ingredients main dishes - a pumpkin and mushrooms. Fry all the vegetables on the fire a little below average for 10 minutes.

First pour soy sauce and 100 ml of water, add the lemon juice, salt and pepper. Stir and bring to boil. Reduce heat, cover with a lid and simmer on low heat for 10 minutes. Then pour the cream in a thin stream and stir.

The dish is ready! Now you know how to cook chicken with pumpkin and mushrooms, which turns out tasty and does not require any special skills in cooking. According to this recipe you can extinguish chicken in multivarka or in the oven.

Braised chicken in multivarka

Simmer the chicken can be whole. Carcass zafarshiruyte apples, you can even with the mushrooms, season with fragrant spices and place in a bowl Multivarki. All details with step by step photos are waiting for you.