Lavash rolls with chicken

Variations in the preparation of rolls of pita bread with chicken myriad. By filling the main component - the chicken, add lettuce, canned corn, pickles, eggs, pepper, and other ingredients.

Armenian lavash roll stuffed with chicken and corn


lettuce beam

Bank of canned corn

Apple vinegar


black pepper

medium onions


2 chicken eggs

Armenian thin lavash


How to prepare rolls of pita Chicken and corn

  1. onions chop half rings and soak in vinegar. Eggs cut into small cubes or put through yaytserezku.
  2. The boiled chicken cut into cubes. Lettuce break into small pieces. In a deep dish of mixed salad leaves, soaked onions, eggs, canned corn and meat.
  3. Sprinkle salt, pepper and add to the stuffing mayonnaise. Pita bread on the table and drill a well with mayonnaise.
  4. At a distance of about 5 cm from the left edge of pita put a strip of lettuce, so that rolls get a nice slice.
  5. Then put the filling and wrap tightly. Cut into rolls of 5 cm width and put on a plate decorated with lettuce.

Roll from lavash with chicken and vegetables


500 g of boiled chicken

small onion

4 small pickled or salted cucumber

2 sheets Armenian Lavash

lettuce beam


1 bell pepper

black pepper


How to Cook a roll of pita bread with chicken and vegetables:

  1. boiled chicken chop using a grinder or blender. Cut the cucumber, pepper and onion into small cubes.
  2. Connect all the ingredients, a little salt, add pepper, chopped dill and mayonnaise. Lubricate pita bread with mayonnaise and put lettuce.
  3. Cover pita, blurred mayonnaise and put on it a thin layer of cooked filling. Gently roll up roll.

Roll from lavash with chicken and mushrooms


400 g of boiled chicken

medium tomato

1 small onion

Chinese cabbage

50 g of cheese

sour cream or yogurt

200 g Champignon

3 garlic cloves salt and pepper to taste

How to Cook a roll of pita bread with chicken and mushrooms:

  1. Pre-cooked mushrooms cut into small slices and fry chopped onion.
  2. Chicken fillet and tomatoes cut into small cubes, Chinese cabbage to tear into pieces, on a fine grater grate the cheese.
  3. Garlic pass through chesnokodavku or finely chop, mix with yogurt or sour cream, add salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Grease a sheet of lavash sauce. Then put a thin layer of fried mushrooms and onions, tomatoes top, chicken, cabbage and sprinkled whole cheese.
  5. Wrap the roll, wrap it with cling film and leave for 20-30 minutes.

Roll from lavash with chicken will be the perfect appetizer to any table. It is possible to prepare for breakfast, as a light snack at work or as a substitute for sandwiches in a hike or a picnic.