Creamy white and chocolate icing sugar and water

Delicious creamy icing made from cocoa and without it you can decorate cookies, cakes, Easter cakes. Baking immediately becomes even more appetizing and interesting. Consider one of the most simple recipes with chocolate glaze.

For its preparation need only 100 grams of sugar or powder, 50 grams of butter, a tablespoon of cocoa and water - 2/3 cup of 200 gram.

Creamy white and chocolate icing sugar and water

How to make icing on the water

To start, you need to cook the syrup of sugar and partial glass of water. A similar syrup is required when the cook jam. Thoroughly rub the butter with cocoa. Gradually pour in a lot of pre-cooked and ostuzhennoy syrup. It should be done cautiously, thin stream. That's all. Creamy chocolate icing on the water ready. Watering pastries she should immediately until the glaze has not had time to cool.

The recipe can be replaced with cocoa powder with melted chocolate as black and milk. Without cocoa and chocolate will turn white glaze, which, too, is quite tasty and is often used to decorate cakes.