Lemon-lavender cupcake

The highlight of this wonderful cake are the flowers of lavender and lemon juice, baking flavor that makes a bright and unique. In such an embodiment the cake becomes different shape. You will smell the approaching spring and is about blooming flowers. With every bite, the feeling will be stronger ...

The recipe of lemon cake

In a deep bowl whisk butter with sugar until white. Was added in portions; one egg, grated lemon peel mixed with lavender flowers and flour, stir and repeat everything in a few taps. Until a homogeneous dough the floor.

Put into a greased baking dish ready mix. Transfer to a preheated oven and cook for 30-40 minutes at 180 degrees. When ready, shape shift and allow to cool first, and then gently lay out the form, being careful not to damage it.

While the cake cools to cook the syrup of lavender; Connect lavender, powder and lemon juice in a small bowl and heat over low heat until the powder is completely dissolved. Bring to the boil and stand one minute.

On the surface of the cooled cupcake to make a few punctures and slowly pour the cooked syrup.

For the glaze must be in a separate bowl whisk powdered and squeezed lemon juice to form white consistency. Apply a coating on the surface of the thin cake arbitrary line and sprinkle lavender.

No frills, cake is a favorite of many pastries. And with the addition of lemon and lavender will enchant even the most demanding.