Salad of mushrooms with sauerkraut and beans

For those who want a tasty and satisfying snack, we offer an excellent salad of canned mushrooms with homemade sauerkraut and boiled beans. Because we all know that mushrooms are nutritionally comparable to meat and most useful properties for the treatment and conservation of almost not lost ...

Apart from the process of soaking the beans, this dish does not take much time. Yes, and the composition of the above ingredients may be adjusted at will and taste.

Salad with mushrooms recipe

  • Long, preferably overnight soak the beans in water at room temperature and then boil to simmer until done so as not to seethe not remain rigid.
  • Chop sauerkraut straw connect with boiled beans, add the marinated mushrooms, if large - can be divided, but not too finely. Put chopped fresh onion, pour oil and mix.

Did you know that salads in Russian cuisine came a little later in Europe, in about the 19th century. Primordially Russian can be considered snacks, such as sauerkraut, various pickles, pickled vegetables and mushrooms in a different version. That's why the mushroom salad with pickled cabbage typical than us and it is in Russian, rather than Olivier, or other salads with mayonnaise.