Vitamin salad of red cabbage

Salad turns out very bright and beautiful. The closest relative of the cabbage is different of late and is a source of vitamins. This salad is recommended to consume before a roaring party to reduce the effect of the measure is not in the wine

Salad with red cabbage, grapes and apple

To prepare the vitamin salad will need half of head of red cabbage, one large apple, black grapes larger varieties, as well as a small lemon - can be half or a little sugar

Vitamin salad of red cabbage

Cabbage should be separated from the leaves, rinse thoroughly and dry, then chop finely as possible Next, the washed grapes are separated from the brush and then divide by two. Apple cut into thin slices

Connect all the chopped ingredients in a deep bowl, sprinkle with sugar and pour the lemon juice. thoroughly mix

To apply, distribute portions in serving dishes and of course, it is recommended to consume at once

His pronounced taste, sweet salad of red cabbage in a performance like that's all. In general, it is useful and very tasty!