How to fry in a pan delicious mushrooms - video recipes at home

How to fry in a pan delicious mushrooms - video recipes at home
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Honey mushrooms - excellent mushrooms for cooking various dishes. They can be boiled, dried, freeze, pickle - and they always please you excellent taste. Especially tasty fried mushrooms.

Many species of mushrooms can be found already in the summer, but all the same grace for them - this is the beginning of autumn. And one of the most common fungi in the forests and plains - mushrooms. They are very useful and nutritious because they contain a larger amount of protein, copper and zinc. These substances and vitamins necessary for proper blood supply to the body, production of antiviral and anti-cancer agents. Therefore, mushrooms are very useful for the human body. However, any mushrooms - the product is quite heavy, so you can not eat them in large quantities.

The dishes of mushrooms according to recipes from the chef. Watch the video!

Frozen experience of the store does not require additional processing. However, if the mushrooms you have collected yourself, before cooking with them need to work. Carefully reassemble the mushrooms, remove all unnecessary branches, grass and leaves. It is better to immediately cut off the lower part of the legs of the fungus, and then thoroughly wash the remaining caps and stems in a colander under running water to the inside had no sand and earth. It is recommended then to put mushrooms in a little salted hearth and hold it for about an hour. Then they must cook, change the water at least once after boiling. Cook mushrooms for about 40 minutes, no more. All the preparations before frying should accompany any dish of mushrooms, although some mushroom pickers ignore them. There are many types of recipes, how to fry mushrooms. However, the main ones are reduced to a few tricks. For delicious dish, pour in the pan or a saucepan a little oil. You can use vegetable butter or olive oil. In the oil put one onion, cut into small cubes, fry the onion, stirring constantly, until golden brown. Now, you can temporarily remove it from the pan, so that it was moderately roasted or cooked, because of honey agarics will stand a lot of fluids. Now oil can be put mushrooms, they have a little fry, but quickly give juice from the heat. Reduce heat, cover with a saucepan or frying pan with a lid and simmer for 10-12 minutes mushrooms.

You can then leave the mushrooms in the juice, and it gradually evaporate, but it will taste better if you will merge the juice into a separate container and make it a sauce by combining sour cream and your favorite spices. Then the mushrooms can be fried without liquid, adding the oil in them, then they get fragrant and supple. Mushrooms at this stage in the preparation must be constantly stir and make sure that they are not burnt. At the end of cooking salt and pepper dish, the whole process should not take more than 8-10 minutes. Add the mushrooms to the previously cleaned onions and fry a few minutes with them. Then pour juice mushrooms, mixed with cream. It remains a bit up the heat and evaporate the excess liquid to the sauce turned creamy and viscous. Taste of fried honey agarics extraordinary. How to choose the mushrooms in the store. Watch the video!