Carving - colors of fruits and vegetables - video recipes at home

The term "carving" is derived from the English word carving, which means "cut". Carving is on wood, stone, bone, but is considered to be the most amazing carving on vegetables and fruits, chocolate and cheese.

The art of carving vegetables and fruit originated in South-East Asia as a way to decorate the table meager home, consisting mainly of vegetable origin foods. Gradually carving spread to other countries and has reached our days. At the same time in some states kept the tradition of carving.

In China and Japan on fruits and vegetables often portray dragons, battle scenes and characters with a congratulatory content. And in Thailand, cut flower arrangements - one of the symbols of the state is considered magnolia flower.

Carving - a good way of serving a festive table. But in order to beautifully cut fruits or vegetables on the image, a few rules need to master.

For carving need the following set of tools:

  • Thai knife - has a small narrow blade;
  • karbovochnye knives - structurally resemble a chisel;
  • nuazetka - knife-notch;
  • knife kannelirovaniya - drawing grooves;
  • Engraving knife - has a thin blade, bent in the form of a triangle.

Flower of cucumber

First of all, wash the cucumber and cut into thin plates - they are well bent - it is their property will be useful in further work. To plate out cucumber turned flower need little dream and collapse its width. Remember that bends can and should be done not only inside but also outside. To create one large flower can be used a few cucumber plates, each of which is a separate lobe.

The flower of the leek

Washed and cleaned from dirty film gently bow notch in length from several sides. Cut off the ends of the layers bend inwards - turned out beautiful chrysanthemum.

Flower carrot

Not very short, clean carrots and cut in length to the shape of a pentagon. The resulting preform is used for making flower: incised edges of each of the five carrots thin plates. Carefully peel back from the base plate and the cut edges so that they resembled pitch. The second layer is cut into plates staggered - with angles etc. flower center slightly shorten and sharpen...

The flower of the orange peel

Take a ripe orange with a knife and carefully remove the zest spiral. Roll the peel into a tight bud and let it dry out a bit - you will get a great decoration for dishes.

Flower of pineapple

Peel the fruit and rind of the tail. Teaspoon accurately perform grooves on the surface of the pineapple, then cut his finest washers. Washers lay in the form of cakes so that the fruit edges slightly bent upwards at the circumference. Bake pineapple until until it becomes solid. In the end, the puck should resemble daisies.

These are just a few options of how fruit and vegetables you can create flowers. By connecting the imagination, you can come up with many other options.